Nissan Leaf review (Bought used for $7000)

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Going electric? Here’s our guide to buying a used Nissan Leaf

SUBSCRIBE for more great car videos: Used Nissan Leaf review: Electric cars aren’t for everyone, but low purchase prices, keen finance offers and cheap servicing could mean that some drivers can buy a Nissan Leaf with the repayments covered by the fuel and road tax savings. Early concerns about battery life and reliability have proven unfounded, and early cars in good condition can be bought for around £5,000. Buy carefully and you could have an inexpensive hatch that’s cheap to run and good to drive, too - so here’s what to look out for… More Auto Express videos Car reviews playlist: 2018 Nissan Leaf revealed: Nissan Leaf Nismo concept: More on Best used cars 2017: Best electric cars 2017: New Car Awards 2017 - the winners: Follow us Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat:

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Nissan Leaf 5 year review

My review of our 5 year old Nissan Leaf from 2011. It’s been going and going and going. A great little car, that has beat 4 winters here in Calgary!! youTUBE-NCS000 Music under Creative Commons License: No Copyright sounds. Tobu & Syndec - Dusk [NCS Release]

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Should I Buy A Used Nissan LEAF -- Then Replace The Battery?

With early used Nissan LEAFs now down into the $5,000 territory, we're answering a regular question from readers: does it make sense to buy an early 2011-2012 LEAF cheap -- and then replace the battery? The answer depends on what your preferences are and what your requirements are.

I finally finished my Nissan Leaf review video, oh man. It is not perfect but i want to publish it so please pardon any missed details. I bought this Nissan leaf about a month ago and LOVE IT! 7 Grand, what a deal. You can find these nissan leafs used for CHEAP. It has become the primary car that we use in the family and is very inexpensive to run. I will add links below to other videos or channels i like on this subject. If you have any questions about the leaf let me know. I have an appointment to have the telematics upgraded so i will post another video of that once that happens. Want to buy one? Try ebay or craigslist or or even a used car dealer. New they are still available as well but you may want to shop around, more capable cars are coming available like the Tesla model 3 and chevy bolt. The chrysler pacifica hybrid is also amazing, check that out if your shopping. Thanks for watching and i hope that helped.
The leaf with nobody in it towing cars:
A hitch on a leaf being installed:

The math for the generator. Essentially, its the harbor freight generator under load buring its capacity at the time the manual says to charge for the 84 miles epa estimated range... 7000 running watt gen 6.6 gallons ~12hours is 3.85 gallons for 84 miles is 22 MPG but thats if the draw is a little over 4kW.. so i threw in a few miles. Plus how you drive changes the outcome. The small generator would take nearly 5.36... hmm.. at 2kW Draw
which is over the actual 1440 watt draw... may test this later.

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