Future of VoLTE and Syniverse's Role

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Understanding 5G and New Mobile Revenue Opportunities for 2018

John McRae, Group Vice President, Portfolio Management, shares how he sees two themes emerging with mobile customers for 2018: How can companies prepare for one of the most important new mobile technologies that’s taking off this year – 5G – and how can companies better engage with customers and open new mobile revenue opportunities.

New-Leader Profile: Bill Hurley

Syniverse’s new Chief Marketing Officer discusses how his role newly integrates marketing and product management to better serve customers, and what big issues in marketing excite him and what reasons led him to take on his new role.

VoLTE Video Telephony - a Communication Evolution

Per Synnergren, Ericsson

5G: Getting Ready for Implementation

Senior Technology Director Pradeep Bhardwaj discusses how 4G is paving the way for 5G, what steps companies should take to get ready for 5G, and how Syniverse is preparing for 5G.

Discover the Power of Intelligent Communications

See how travel and hospitality companies can utilize omni-channel messaging to engage and delight their customers with hyper-relevant interactions, wherever they are in the world. Learn more, follow this link to our site. http://bit.ly/2IU0cjF

John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Provider Group – Connected LTE, gives an overview of the complexities that must be overcome before VoLTE becomes used prevalently and Syniverse's role in enabling the technology. Learn more - https://www.syniverse.com/products-services/types/connected-lte-for-gsm-operators

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