Pakistan successfully test BVR missile from JF17 thunder

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JF17 Block 3 or F16 Which is more advance,

JF 17 Thunder Jet Fighter Successfully Tested Beyond Visual Range Technology

Addition of BVR (Beyond Visual Range Technology) Through Infrared is another success of PAF and JF17 Thunder Jet Fighter jointly produce by China and Pakistan and 6 Squadrons are already in operation by Pakistan.

France Secretly Provides China with Top Radar, Air to air Missile

France Secretly Provides China with Top Radar, Air-to-air Missile According to Britain’s Jane’s Defense weekly, China may get through Pakistan the the technology in Franch MICA air-to-air missile and RC-400 radar, which the EU bans sales to China. Such technology may constitute a threat to the Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets that Taiwan has got from France. Pakistan is to get the above-mentioned missiles and radar from France for its JF-17 fighter jets. As JF-17 is jointly developed by Pakistan and China, when Pakistan has got the missile and radar, it is quite possible that China will get the technologies in the missile and radar. MICA is as good as US advanced AMRAAM air-to-air missile. It is well-known for its accuracy and controllability. China may obtain its technology through reverse engineering from a MICA missile provided by Pakistan. In developing its J-10 fighter jet, China has reference to the technologies in American F-16 fighter jet as it was able to study in details an F-16 provided by Pakistan. To prevent China from obtaining French weapon technologies with similar approach, the US will strongly oppose French sales of the weapons to Pakistan. For the same reason India, a major buyer of French weapons, will also oppose.

Pakistan Successfully test-fires ‘Beyond Visual Range’ Missile from JF-17 Thunder

It was a landmark occasion for Pakistan Air Force (PAF) as well as the whole nation, when the indigenously produced JF-17 Thunder shot down a slow speed target with BVR (Beyond Visual Range) and IR (Infrared) missile with a pin-point accuracy at Sonmiani firing range on Friday. Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman witnessed the live demonstration, displaying PAF’s capability to successfully locate and destroy high/ slow speed moving targets by employing high-tech inventory of aircraft and missiles, said a PAF press release. Addressing the ceremony, the air chief said, “We are thankful to Allah Almighty who has given us the strength to achieve this extraordinary milestone. The successful testing of these sophisticated weapons is a testimony of JF-17 Thunder’s multirole capabilities.”

Pakistani now JF17 block 3 China's Jet Engine Technology is Finally Now

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