How to make chocolate swiss roll cake (resep bolu gulung coklat)

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Tips gulung bolu gulung

Menggulung bolu gulung tanpa menggunakan serbet. Berhasil menggulung hanya dengan menggunakan baking paper

Moist Chocolate Cheese Cake | Kek Coklat Cheese Kukus

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How to make chocolate swiss roll cake (resep bolu gulung coklat)

this chocolate roll cake was really soft and delicious, really love it:) My apologies for the typo in the video. please not that the correct portion for the cake flour is 40 gr, not 120 gr. thanks:) Chocolate Swiss Roll ingredient: 4 eggs (separate the yolks and the whites) 40 gr cake flour 60 gr caster sugar (20gr for yolk batter & 40gr for the meringue) 30 gr vegetable oil 1 tbsp cocoa powder 1/2 tsp instant coffee 1 tsp hot water 5 gr corn starch 1/4 tsp salt

Resep bolu gulung ekonomis

Resep bolu gulung coklat ekonomis 4 butir telur 60 gr gula pasir / 5 sdm 40 gr tepung terigu / 4 sdm 10 gr maizena / 1 sdm 15 gr coklat bubuk / 1 sdm 65 gr margarin (cairkan) 1 sdt sp Vanili Untuk resep coklat ganache dan buttercream kalian bisa liat divideo aku sebelum ini, karna aku udah share videonya :) IG : citramrr Email :

Napoleon roll cake ( Chocolate )

Instant ready to bake puff pastry, 1 sheet Chocolate Ganache: 1.250gr whip cream 2.250gr dark cooking chocolate Cake Roll Ingredients: 1.14pcs egg yolks 2.125gr Sugar 3.125gr Melted butter 4.1tsp Vanilla 5. 2tsp chocolate paste 6. 100gram Cake Flour (low protein flour) 7. 20gram Chocolate powder 8. 10gram Maizena How to make: 1. prepare the ready to bake puff pastry, cut into 14x14cm 2. roll out the pastry into 14x20cm, then cut in half 3. bake at 170c for 20minutes 4. cool down how to make the ganache 1. heat the whip cream until simmer 2. pour over the chopped dark chocolate and stir until the chocolate has melt 3. put in the piping bag and let it cool how to make the cake roll : 1. prepare the 28x28cm pan, I use non stick pan so I didn’t grease the pan, just put the baking paper on the bottom. 2. whisk the sugar and egg yolk until white and thick, add chocolate paste and vanilla 3. mix in the sifted flour, fold it gently with rubber spatulla 4. gradually mix in the melted butter 5. bake at 175c for 20minutes 6. take out from the pan and let it cool 7. spread the chocolate ganache over the cake, place the puff pastry in the center, spread again with the ganache as the filling then cover with the other puff pastry, then roll it together and store in the chiller for 1 hour before cutting 8. enjoy ;)

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