MasterCard - A Priceless Day - Digital Campaign - Case Study

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2011 Snickers Digital Campaign Korea

#SponsoredByGatorade - Gatorade Integrated Campaign 2015 Case Study

Every year millions of people start training with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, 73% of them will drop out any sport activities within 6 weeks. How to keep them motivated? #SponsoredByGatorade A unique sponsor program on your smartphone that encourages and rewards the athlete in you to keep training. By connecting all your sport devices to Sponsored By Gatorade, every time you work out you collect Gatorade points, which can be redeemed for 4 levels of rewards to support you and stay active on the program. CREDITS: Client: Gatorade Agency: DLV BBDO, Milan Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani Creative Directors:  Andrea Jaccarino, Michele Picci, Emanuele Viora Senior Art Director: Vittorio Perotti Senior Copywriter: Dario Lo Nardo Designer: Vittorio Perotti Web Designer: Luca Torresan Planner: Corinna Bonfanti Group Account Director: Daria D’Angelo Senior Account Executive: Lucia Scaffardi UX, Front-end Developer: Vincenzo Radice Web Developer: Filippo Sarzana Head of Project Manager: Alessandro Peroncini Project Managers: Francesco Loprete, Alessandro Musciolà  Head of Broadcast: Alessandro Pancotti Producer: Melina Mignani Editor: Federico Maccagni

Coca-Cola Contour Digital Campaign – Case Study

As a brand that stands for happiness, for their 100th birthday we created a campaign that spread happiness on social media and celebrate the iconic bottle shape.

Digital Case Study: Disruptive Campaign By Jack&Jones

This is a digital case study of Jack & jones for the best use of Social Media

McDonald's 'Kick The Trash' Digital Campaign

This viral campaign encourages youngsters in a playful way to stop littering the area outside McDonald's restaurants. To accomplish this we let the users slip into the role of tricky street kickers. They can map their own face into the video and kick the trash in the bin to win tickets for the Fifa World Cup in South Africa

MasterCard'ın sponsorluğunda İstanbul'da yapılan Justin Timberlake konserini Paha Biçilemez bir İstanbul deneyimi ile birleştirmemizin hikayesi: Paha Biçilemez Bir Gün.

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