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8 Desi Dessert Recipes By Food Fusion

Here is our collection of 8 desi desserts. #HappyCookingToYou More Recipes: Download iOS & Android apps: Written Recipe: 1. Balushahi ( 2. Shahi turkey ( 3. Doodh Halwa ( 4. Shahi zarda ( 5. Gulatti ( 6. Instant badam firni ( 7. Rasmalai (milk powder) ( 8. Gulab jamun (Khoya) (


AAloo Vada is a popular Indian vegetarian fast food in Maharashtra, India. It literally means potato fritters. and also known as BATATA VADA.The Batata Vada is a Mumbai street food too...

Indian Street Food - 10 of the BEST Foods To Eat in Mumbai, India!

Indian street food in Mumbai is exciting and mouthwatering! ► SUBSCRIBE NOW for more street food: ► Read the Blog post: ► Watch my Indian food playlist: There are dozens of Indian street foods you can eat when you’re in Mumbai, there are delicious looking delicacies everywhere you look in the city. But in this video you’ll discover a top 10 list of a few of the best Indian street food dishes that you don’t want to miss when you’re in Mumbai. For details about all these Mumbai street food stalls, read my blog post: 1. Vada Pav - One of the most popular Mumbai street foods is vada pav, a spiced mashed potato patty that’s deep fried and stuffed into a bun along with chutney. Although it sounds simple and it is, it’s one of the greatest vegetarian burgers you’ll likely ever eat. Also, when you eat vada pav, don’t miss eating some fried chili's to go with it. 2. Bhelpuri - Another of the of the foods that’s iconic in Mumbai is bhelpuri, a snack made from puffed rice, mixed with chutney, and onions and tomatoes. It’s an Indian street food in Mumbai that’s especially common at beaches, and it makes a fantastic beach food. I tried the bhelpuri in this video at Juhu Beach. 3. Sev Puri - This is one of my personal favorite Indian street food chaats, a combination of little crispy disc chips topped with mashed potatoes, onions, and a variety of delicious chutneys, and a handful of sev, which are the all the little crispy things on top. When you take a bit of sev puri, the entire little disc will explode with delicious flavors, and it’s all about that chutney! 4. Pav Bhaji - Originally made from leftover vegetables that were mashed up, mixed with some butter and spices, and served with bread to mop it all up, pav bhaji is pretty much exactly that today, and it’s an Indian street food known for being popular in Mumbai. At some of the famous pav bhaji stalls, the mixture of potatoes and tomatoes is mashed up on a big hot plate, mixed with spices and butter, and then served with buttered fluffy buns. 5. Kebabs and Rolls - For any meat lovers, kebabs and rolls are one of the best things to eat in Mumbai. I especially enjoyed the bhuna roll in Mumbai, a wonderfully flavorful chicken curry packed into a thin rumali roti. 6. Chai - It’s not a food, but it is one of the joys of being in India, and that is drinking cups of hot chai on the side of the street. You don’t want to miss it when you’re in Mumbai. 7. Pani Puri - Popular as a street food snack across India, pani puri is the combination of little puris (hollow sphere chips) filled with potatoes and chickpeas, and then filled with chutney and flavored water. Each bite is a burst of incredible flavor and water. 8. Bombay Duck Fry - Although it’s commonly eaten at indoor restaurant, because of it’s importance in Mumbai, and since it’s served at local restaurants, I had to include it on this list of Mumbai food. Known at Bombay duck or bombil, it’s actually a type of lizardfish which is often deep fried and served with rice and side curries. It’s something you should try when you’re in Mumbai. 9. Mumbai Sandwich (Bombay Sandwich) - You don’t usually think of sandwiches when you think of Indian street food, but in Mumbai, the sandwich is one of the most popular roadside snacks. Often times pure vegetarian, a combination of masala potatoes, tomatoes, onions, beetroot, cheese, and chutney is pressed between bread, and grilled over fired. The result is a fascinating street sandwich you’ll never forget. 10. Dosa - Although from South India, Mumbai is a hub of Indian food, and you’ll find dosas all over Mumbai as well. The classic traditional version is a masala dosa, but there are also fusion types of dosas, including the paneer tikka dosa, which is absolutely magical. Thank you for watching this video about the top 10 Indian street foods to eat when you’re in Mumbai. Hope you have an amazing time eating! ►If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe for more food videos: -- CAMERA I USE: Main camera: Main lens: Microphone: *These are affiliate links MY WEBSITES: Get e-mail updates: SOCIAL MEDIA: Snapchat: @migrationology Instagram: Facebook: SUPPORT MY WIFE AND I: T-shirts: Donate: --

Chicken and Potato Pockets Recipe by Chef Samreen Junaid 14 November 2017

• Recipe Name: Chicken and Potato Pockets Recipe • Dated: November 14th, 2017 • Chef Name: Chef Samreen Junaid • Show Name: Food With Style – Masala TV Enjoy the true essence and taste of " Chicken and Potato Pockets ” while cooking in your kitchen with such an ease and must-have ingredients in your kitchen. It is not just about a dish with usual taste but a treat to your taste buds with a little change in cooking by none other than " Chef Samreen Junaid ” that has given an entire new flavor, you ever came to taste. “Chef Samreen Junaid” is a well-known Pakistani chef, hosting a cooking TV show on Hum Masala TV, the only cooking channel round the clock. For more recipes, tips, and cooking technique, log onto: • •

10 Dawat Recipes by Food Fusion

Here are top 10 dawat recipes for you. Let us know which one you like the most. #HappyCookingToYou Download iOS & Android apps: written recipes: 1:singaporean rice: 2:gola kabab masala: 3:special degi biryani: 4:chicken korma: 5:dhaba karahi: 6:darbari gosht: 7:lahori chargha: 8:handi dum biryani: 9:chicken nihari: 10:special white biryani:

Food Fusion Recipes | Ramzan Recipe | Aloo Bharta Pakora Recipe | Cooking Recipes In Urdu:

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