Sugar & Spice Soap - Cold Process Soap with Embeds

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How to make mermaid soap with a gear tie swirl using soap dough tails recipe long version

Please Subscribe, Like and Share ♥♥♥ Recipe Below Here at Soaps N Suds N Such we hope to bring you videos you will enjoy thanks for watching remember to subscribe and like. We now have a Patreon through which you can support the growth of our channel we appreciate all support we receive and thanks again for watching head over and join our facebook groups RECIPE Soap Dough Recipe to make mermaid tails Water 172 grams Lye 64 grams Castor oil 5% Coconut oil 20% Lard 50% Palm oil 20% Cocoa Butter 5% RECIPE for soap loaf water 28 oz. 794 gr. Lye 10.92 oz. 310 gr. FO 2.50 oz. 71 gr. Castor Oil 14% 318 gr. Coconut Oil 18% 408 gr. Lard 50% 1,134 gr. Olive Oil 4.5% 102 gr. Palm Oil 7% 159 gr. Stearic Acid .50% 11 gr. Sunflower Oil 1% 23 gr. Palm Kernel Flakes 5% 113 gr. Add to lye solution 5 tsp.sodium lactate & 5 tsp.sugar & Pearl Powder & Hydrolyzed silk powder & silk fibers hard 45, clean 16, conditioning 50, bubbly 29, creamy 41, iodine 52, ins 157,

Making Holiday Cranberry Yuzu Soap

Making one of our Holiday soaps, Cranberry Yuzu. A blend of tart cranberries and sparkling asian yuzu. Happy Holidays to you all and have a wonderful New Year in 2015! Thank You for subscribing and supporting us! May all your dreams and wishes come true in 2015! You are the best! Thanks for Watching! Please Subscribe to our channel :) Links Below. Etsy Store - Facebook Page - Website Info - The purpose of these videos is for fun and inspiration only. They are not considered to be instructional or for tutorial purposes. I have always enjoyed watching the art and inspiration of other soap makers. So this is my way of sharing the fun of soap making! If you are looking for tutorials, recipes, etc. for soap making, please check out Soaping101's and SoapQueen's channel here on youtube.

Maleficent Cold Process soap making Glow in the dark DIY soap design beginners sculpted soap 096

Maleficent Glow in the dark cold process soap making by Cathy, D' Clumsy Soaper. I made the Maleficent figure using the sculpted layers technique. First I created a template traced from my hand drawing. the Maleficent horn were made from upcycled soap trimmings. i used a total of 3 colors one of which is a glow in the dark colorant. i mica painted the eyes, nose and lips and painted with glow in the dark pigment and additional glitters as highlights and and embellishment. My inspiration in making this soap came from my soapy friends Leah and Ebony. Leah likes Disney and Ebony likes Fairy. For my halloween wildcard soap challenge I decided to combine both ideas and came up with a Disney Villain Fairy Maleficent Glow in the Dark soap. This soap is an expression on how I visualize Maleficent in my mind, how she would look like if I combine the cartoon and movie together. I hope you like it! I used Queen of Hearts fragrance oil, I highly recommend this FO, because of the lovely scent and I didn't face any issue while I used that in the Maleficent soap. This is a very long video and I focused on Soap making. If you want to see all the steps on making the template, feel free to watch the detailed instructions that I shared in the unicorn soap. I would love to see your Maleficent soap creations too, feel free to tag me in FB/IG or send me photos of your creations @clumsysoaper. Feel free to share this video to your friends and family who also loves Maleficent. #clumsysoaper #maleficentsoap #glowinthedarksoap #halloweensoap #soapmaking Unicorn soap making: Note: this are for personal use and does not intent to infringe any copyright (if any). Hi I'm Cathy, D' clumsy soaper. Sharing with you my handmade soapmaking crafts. Subscribe to keep you posted on my weekly soap making video uploads: Like and comment if you enjoyed the video. feel free to share to your friends too. May you have an awesome and soapy day. Connect with me: You Tube: Twitter: Instagram: Italian Morning by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

Chocolate Cake Soap | Cold Process Soap by Kilted Suds | Confetti Soap | Divided Pour

Such a fun soap to make, using combined techniques! The center is a confetti soap, surrounded by white "icing" on the cake! Shop our available products now: - - - - - - - - - - - FIND KILTED SUDS Website ➡️ Facebook ➡️ Instagram ➡️ Pinterest ➡️ Twitter ➡️ - - - - - - - - - - -

Holly Berry Tiger Stripe Holiday Cold Process Soap Swirl Design

Holly Berry Tiger Stripe Holiday Cold Process Soap Swirl Design For the recipe and instructions visit: Website: Facebook: Need help coloring your soap? MUSIC CREDIT Carefree by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

This fantastic holiday soap features adorable gingerbread men embedded in the base soap. Colored (and partially scented) with cocoa!

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