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Lobster & Steak Teppanyaki - Gourmet Food in Las Vegas

Teppanyaki in Las Vegas: Shitake, Asparagus, Bok Choy, Lobster and Filet Mignon - no rice, no noodles, no wasted space: 220 USD

Hong Kong Street Food. The Quick Lunch Boxes of Chopped Chickens and Pork. Seen Around Wan Chai

Rare Kobe Beef in Tokyo - Japanese Food Teppanyaki

Highest grade Kobe Beef (A5) in Tokyo, Japan. Side dishes: tiger shrimp, scallops, fish and vegetables. - Skillful/smooth chef, nice scenery, rare and unrested Kobe Wagyu beef.

Japanese Street Food - $600 GIANT RAINBOW LOBSTER Sashimi Japan Seafood

Real Kobe beef teppanyaki Steak Land restaurant Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Our real Kobe beef dinner prepared in front of us in an authentic teppanyaki style at Steak Land in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan on our recent vacation with SuperValue Tours. No frills or corny performances (onion volcano, ect), just food prepared in front of your eyes to witness first hand how fresh the ingredients are. Hands down the most flavorful, fattiest beef I have ever eaten (Just the beef itself without seasonings, marinades, ect).

If you like watching Asian Street Food Video, you are finding the right place. In here we did the Fast Food Street in Asia, especially Cambodian Food.

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