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Learn how you can easily port or transfer a wireless number to AT&T from another service provider, and then replace your current number with the transferred number. And, you can do it all online. For more information visit:


Want to change your current wireless number to one from another service provider?

We'll show you how to port, or transfer, a number to AT&T for service, and then change your current wireless number to the transferred number.

And we'll do it all online, with Premier.

We'll start on the Premier homepage.

From the "I want to" list, select "Change wireless number."

Enter the number you want to change, and then click "Go."

At the top of the Change Wireless Number page, you'll see details about the number you're changing.

Select the second option, "Transfer a wireless number to AT&T."

Enter the number that you want to transfer, and then click "Check Eligibility."

If the number can be transferred, the "Continue" button becomes available.

Click "Continue."

Now enter account information about the number you want to transfer.

The fields you see depend on the number's provider, and whether the number is owned by a business or an individual.

When you're ready, click "Continue."

Incorrect information can delay the transfer, so carefully check that the information you've entered matches the information on your last bill from the number's service provider.

And then click "Submit."

If the port, or transfer, request is successfully submitted, and the transfer is confirmed during submission, we'll start the number change immediately.

We'll keep you informed about the progress of your request by email.

First, we'll confirm your transfer request.

Then we'll let you know when your request is complete and the new number is active on your device!

If there's a delay in processing your transfer request, we'll email you as the status changes and advise you of any action you may need to take.

You can also check the status of your request by logging in to Premier.

Under "Account Management," click "View Port (Transfer) Status."

On the Port (Transfer) Status page, enter the number you're transferring, and then click "Check Status."

If the status of the transfer shows "Submitted", check again later.

If the status shows "Pending," resolve any open issues by clicking the link in the "Action" column.

When the status shows your request as "Confirmed," click the link in the "Action" column to complete the transfer.

To replace your current wireless number with the transferred number, on the Change Wireless Number page that appears, click "Submit."

The Confirmation page appears, and your request is complete.

The number has been transferred to AT&T and is now active on your device.

You're ready to go!

Thank you for learning more about Premier, and thank you for choosing AT&T.

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