Nerf RoughCut Mod: (Overview) The Zara

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BM NERF #22. Roughcut mod guide and Laser Gnomes auto trigger, masterkey mount

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

[COMMUNITY] NERF Shotgun | RR16 Tactical Roughcut MOD by HUNTER

The video does not do it justice! This TACTICAL ROUGHCUT is really well executed and say what you want about black blasters... they are SUPER AWESOME! ^^ my other channels with exclusive content to their own

[TUTORIAL] How to Paint a Nerf Gun

This is my updated tutorial on how to paint a nerf gun. I have an older tutorial on how to paint a nerf gun, but I felt that this new tutorial would more accurately represent how I paint Nerf guns now. Paints used in the video: Duplicolor Black Vinyl and Fabric Dye Citadel Khorne Red Citadel Runefang Steel Duplicolor Trim and Bumper Paint or Duplicolor Matte Wheel Clear Coat (recommended by me) If you liked the video, make sure to comment, like, and subscribe. email: my webstore:

Nerf Mare's Leg - Model 1887 Roughcut 2x4 Mod | Walcom S7

Converting a Pump-action to a Lever-action. Why? Because cool points. Big hugs and kisses to Justin for not only coming up with the idea but consulting me along the way. ORIGINAL LEVER-ACTION RAIDER MOD: LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: WATCH MY TOP VIDEOS HERE!: FOLLOW ME! FACEBOOK! - TWITTER! - Fuzzy Walrus Industry Discord: Fan Mail Address: WALCOMS7 1673 S. Market Blvd #10022 Chehalis, WA 98532 About Walcom S7: Building things that shoot foam darts incredible distances, extremely quickly, in insane quantities. When it comes to blaster reviews, mods, and discussions; look no further than Fuzzy Walrus Industries. Nerf Mare's Leg - Model 1887 Roughcut 2x4 Mod | Walcom S7 Walsom S7

Hello there youtube! Welcome to my first Nerf mod overview!

This being the first time I ever used a brush on a Nerf gun, the hand-painted parts are a bit Roughcut. (Aha! Get it?) but I'm still happy with it either way.

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