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Using a Sonim XP7


AT&T and Sonim recently announced they will soon launch the world's toughest smartphone, the XP8. Although the ultra-rugged handset is already available for purchase for $699.99 or $23.34 per month, the Sonim XP8 won't ship until April 30.

Sonim XP7 Review - Indestructible Phone?

The Sonim XP7 is an ultra- rugged, LTE Android smartphone that claims to be able to handle anything you can dish at it. See our full review! Talk about Android in our forums: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - - - - - Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: Joe Hindy: Lanh Nguyen: Jayce Broda: Kevin Nether: Gary Sims: Ash Tailor:

Sonim XP8 Fitted Holster Case with Metal Belt Clip

Sonim XP8 Ultra-Rugged Smartphone

The Sonim XP8 ultra-rugged smartphone. Smart for work because it's built to last.

Learn how to add, view, and delete contacts on the Sonim XP8. Learn more at:

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How to Access & Manage Contacts on Your Sonim XP8 | AT&T Wireless

Contacts: Add a Contact.
From the home screen, select the Contacts App.
To add a contact, select the Add icon.
To change the contact's save location, select "Saving to", then select the desired option.
Enter the contact's name and phone number.
To add a photo to the contact, select the Photo icon, select "Take photo" to take a picture, or select "Choose photo" to select a picture from the Gallery, navigate to and select the desired photo. Select to move the handles as desired to set the crop.
When finished, select "DONE".
To save the contact, select the Checkmark icon.
Edit a Contact.
To edit a contact, from the Contacts list, select the desired contact, select the Edit icon.
To set a custom ringtone, select the Menu icon, then select "Set ringtone".
Enter or edit the desired information, then select the Checkmark icon when finished.
Delete a Contact.
To delete a contact, from the desired contact select the Menu icon, then select "Delete". Select "DELETE" to confirm.
Import Contacts from SIM.
From the Contacts list, select the Menu icon, select "Import/export", select "Import from SIM card".
Select the desired save location, select the desired contacts to import, then select "OK".
Select "OK" again to confirm.
Contacts will now be imported.

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