Egg Bread toast||Perfect and tasty toast recipe.

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Perfect sponge Rosgulla ||sponge Rosgulla recipe.

Enjoy... Music: wheel of karma. Cottage cheese recipe link👇👇 #http/#cottage#cheese#western#food

Best kalajamun no fall recipe ||Perfect long black sweet recipe.

Follow the mazaring.

Traditional way to make perfect sweet yogurt||Traditional way to make sweet yogurt recipe||Misti doi

#http#Sweet#yogurt Hey Foodies!! Welcome back to Foods lover!! Today's recipe is very tasty Bengali sweet dish 😋😋. Today I going to saw you how to make perfect sweet yogurt in Bengali called misti doi. It's no fall recipe. It's very very very tasty and easy to make. For perfect yogurt you have to surly follow some tips and tricks:Tips and tricks:👇👇 1)You can use sour or sweet yogurt to set yogurt. Must sure in your yogurt has no water. 2)Surely you have to use full fat milk. 3)When you mix your yogurt in milk the milk should be lukewarm. 3)Caramel is totally optional. 4)I have also a video about sweet yogurt that is very easy to make. You can check in my playlist😇😇 Thank you so much for watching my video. If you like my video please like share and subscribe my channel for updates recipe😋😋😊😊.

Chocolatey Chocolate cake|| Perfect chocolaty chocolate cake recipe

Hey Foodies!! Welcome back Food Lovers! Today I prepared chocolaty chocolate cake. It's soft and super tasty. It's not a lava cake or not a simple chocolate cake. It's different but it is so much tasty. If you want to make it in oven then you have to bake 150° f for 25/30 minutes. My channel is new so I Hope for see new recipes you subscribe my channel. And if you have any request or problem then ask me in comment box. Today's recipe link👇👇 Chocolatey Chocolate cake: #http#chocolaty#chocolate#cake#western#food Parsment paper video link👇👇 #http#parsment#paper#western#food Egless chocolate cake recipe link👇👇 #http#egless#chocolate#cake#western#food

Milk powder perfect caramel pudding without oven|| Without oven perfect caramel pudding recipe.


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