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Limoneira Celebrates EARTH DAY and Sustainably Grown Citrus | Limoneira

SUBSCRIBE if you're new: To Learn More Visit: Lemons For Life: Remember to look for sustainably grown Limoneira Citrus next time you go to the Grocery Store! :) Connect With Limoneira On: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Produced in Partnership With: Megan Roosevelt, RDN & Healthy Grocery Girl |

Make Breakfast : Hash Browns like McDonald's at home !! |Crispiest Hash Browns | Simply Yummylicious

Who doesn't love Hash Browns .. I think every single person on this earth secretly craves for crispiest hash browns.. So do I.. So here I come with another fast food recipe from McDonalds : Hash Browns .. This recipe makes the best hash browns you will ever have. Ingredients & Procedure : - Potatoes (300 Gms) - Peel - Grate with large hole grater - Put it directly into ice cold water - Rest for 1 - 2 hours ( Removes excess starch) - Parboil : Water (3 Cups) Corn Syrup (1 Tbsp) or Sugar (2 Tbsp) (McDonalds uses dextrose extracted from Maize to retain its color so I m using corn syrup, if you do not have then please use sugar) Salt to taste Bring water to boil Put shredded potatoes boil for 3-4 min Not more or your hash browns will go mushy (The color must change slightly) - Remove the potatoes from boiling water and pour in a muslin cloth. - Put ice cold water to stop it from further cooking - Wait for 5 min - Squeeze out almost all water (do not dry it completely, let a bit water stay. It will help for binding) - Remove hash browns in another bowl - Add Rice flour ( 1/8 Cup) - Corn flour (1 Tbsp) - Onion Powder (1 Tsp) - Salt and pepper ( Salt if required ) - Mix it with hands (Hands does the job effectively and binds it really well) - Take a circular mould ( Mould is optional, you can shape it with hands as well but I just find it easy that way ) - Put 1/4 Cup + 1 Tbsp Potato mixture - With flat object ( in my case shot glass) press down the mixture firmly. - Remove the mould - Give shape by flattening 2 sides to make an Oval - Above recipe make 4 hashbrowns - You can make any shape you want - Keep it in freezer for 2-3 hours or until hard - In a pan heat Oil - Oil's temperature must me medium hot - Fry them until golden brown - Let it cool a bit and if you want you can sprinkle some more salt so serve it like that only - This recipe makes super delicious and crispy hash browns. - Hope you make it very soon and let us know. Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE. *** The recipe shown in the video is according to our research & may or may be the exact recipe *** The above amazon links are affiliate marketing links. Thank you so much for using them & supporting our channel.

EASY 5 Minute Breakfast Recipes | Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Check out Bob’s Red Mill products here: (Use the coupon code “HealthNut20” to receive 20% off your order, expires March 31st) Today I'm sharing 4 super easy and healthy 5-minute breakfast recipes that you can make Monday-Friday in a pinch! 5 Ingredient Oat Pancakes (serves 1) 1/4 cup oat flour (made from Bob's Red Mill gluten free rolled oats). 1 medium ripe banana 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla extract' pinch sea salt coconut oil spray for cooking. On a non stick skillet on med-high heat, cook for 2-3 min/side until golden. Toppings: Sliced banana raw sunflower seeds maple syrup Breakfast Tostadas (serves 1) 1 egg 1 small white corn soft tortilla 1/2 tbsp Bob's Red Mill nutritional yeast 2 tbsp refried beans from can Coconut oil spray for cooking Toppings: 1/4 ripe avocado sliced 1 tbsp salsa Raspberry Almond Butter Chia Toast (Serves 1) 2 slices multigrain or Ezekiel bread 1-2 tbsp salted almond butter 1/2 cup fresh raspberries Toppings: Bob's Red Mill chia seeds Honey DIY Healthy Cereal (Serves 6-8) 2 cups puffed quinoa 2 cups puffed kamut 1 cup Bob's Red Mill toasted muesli Toppings: Unsweetened coconut milk (form carton) Fresh chopped strawberries Optional: honey *Thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel to share healthy recipes with the world. All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for support! Other Places You Can Find Me :) Instagram • Twitter • Snapchat • urhealthnut Facebook • My Blog • My Shop: PO BOX Nikole Goncalves 140 Holland St W PO Box 13055 Bradford, ON Canada L3Z 2Y5 ______________________ Camera & Equipment I use to film my videos: Main Cam: 50 mm Lens: Sigma 30 mm Lens: Vlog Camera: Vlog Microphone Cover: Main Tripod: Vlog Tripod: Microphone: Lights: Light Stands: Hard Drive: Hey HealthNuts! I'm Nikole and welcome to the #healthnutfam :) On my channel I talk about all things Food, health, lifestyle, Food, oh and did I mention food? I post 2-3 times a week on my channel. Recipe Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays and Vlog Fridays. I create videos like: What I Eat in a Day, Meal Prep With Me, Healthy Grocery Hauls, Healthy Recipes, My Morning Routine, Day in the Life and MORE! Most Popular Videos ↠ What I Eat in a Day at Work • My Spring Cleaning Routine • Meal Prep for Beginners • 5 Bento Box Lunch recipes• 3 Healthy Smoothie Recipes • My Fitness Morning Routine: Hugs + Smoothies, Nikole xo

Mini Fruit Pies

Mini Fruit Pies with applesauce in the crust! Get the full recipe here: #BakeItWithMotts #ad

Flourless Banana Pancakes - 3 Ingredients

Banana pancakes are made with three simple ingredients: eggs, bananas, and baking powder. It's hard to believe there is a pancake recipe that doesn't involve flour. In light of this, they are fluffy, yet airy. I sometimes add a touch of cinnamon which gives them a slighly nicer flavour. The syrup adds a beautiful sweetness to the recipe. I often search for the best syrup for my pancakes such as a really good Canadian maple syrup. They are such a nice Sunday breakfast especially served up with sausages or bacon. Get the recipe: Watch the video, and give our simple and easy banana pancakes a try. As always, let us know how you like them. All photographs and video properties are original productions of, created by, and exclusive property of Cook n' Share. Cook n' Share is owned and operated by David Hood. I am submitting the on behalf of myself. Short Intro Clip: Guitar Logo LICENSE CERTIFICATE : Envato Marketplace Item ============================================== This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENSE as defined in the standard terms and conditions on the Envato Marketplaces. Licensor's Author Username: Pavel_Nest Licensee: David Hood -- Cook n' Share For the item: Guitar Logo Item ID: 4301501 Item Purchase Code: 5bb4a191-3ed7-4623-8dc6-cf9b170dda89 Purchase Date: 2013-10-02 08:54:49 UTC For any queries related to this document or license please contact Envato Support via Envato Pty. Ltd. (ABN 11 119 159 741) PO Box 21177, Little Lonsdale Street, VIC 8011, Australia

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