Cisco Business Edition Management Overview

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Cisco CME GNS3 Lab

I have bundled everything you need to make this lab successful in this link

WEBINAR: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME)

In this webinar, you'll learn how to configure both SCCP and SIP IP phones on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) router.

Live Webcast: Licensing Architecture: Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) Version 9.x.

During the live event you received an overview on the licensing architecture & evolution of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Version 9.x. Different kinds of licenses & information about enterprise license manager, manual versus electronic license fulfillment and live demo. For other webcast, please visit:

How to install/integrate CUC and IM&P 11.5 to CUCM 11.5 (Home Lab Edition)

00:00 to 00:29 - Intro 00:30 to 06:02 - Prepare CUCM Pub for Subs / DNS Reliance removal / NTP / T302 Timer 06:03 to 07:11 - Turn on Publisher CUCM Services 07:12 to 09:58 - LDAP Directory and Authentication configuration 09:59 to 13:37 - Installation of CUCM Sub 13:38 to 16:27 - Installation of CIMP 16:28 to 20:56 - Installation of Unity Connection 20:57 to 22:35 - Import Users from LDAP 22:36 to 26:37 - Configure CIPC in CUCM 26:38 to 27:36 - Configure CIPC on Windows 10 27:37 to 28:52 - Configure Auto-Registration in CUCM 28:53 to 30:43 - Configure 7985 in CUCM post auto-reg 30:44 to 32:07 - Configure DX70 in CUCM post auto-reg 32:08 to 33:28 - Configure Cius in CUCM post auto-reg 33:29 to 35:17 - Enable call forward to voicemail on extensions / busy trigger to 1 35:18 to 36:13 - Turn on CUCM Subscriber services 36:17 to 36:43 - Add subscriber to CUCM group 36:44 to 37:36 - Create SIP Security profile for UC and CIMP 37:37 to 39:08 - Create SIP Trunk to Unity Connection 39:09 to 39:45 - Create Route Pattern for Voicemail Pilot to UC 39:46 to 40:05 - Create VM Pilot Number (Default) 40:06 to 40:29 - Create VM Profile (Default) 40:30 to 41:57 - Configure Unity Connection Phone System / Port Groups 41:58 to 43:08 - Configure AXL Server to import users from CUCM 43:09 to 43:47 - Change default password security requirements for convenient lab use 43:58 to 44:32 - Change default user template rules / set static default password 44:33 to 46:42 - Import users via AXL and modify user device association in CUCM to have primary extension 46:43 to 49:05 - Testing UC SIP integration with CIPC, Cius, DX70 and 7985 phones 49:06 to 50:42 - Configure SIP Trunk to IM and Presence 50:43 to 51:41 - Turn on IM and Presence Services 51:42 to 52:26 - Configure CUCM Gateway 52:27 to 52:41 - Configure/Select SIP Trunk for IM&P to use 52:42 to 53:03 - Configure SIP Proxy Listener 53:04 to 53:46 - View System Troubleshooter to verify integration I've had issues finding resources how to integrate CUCM with IM&P in a clear or quick reference. I mostly use version 8.6. I've been focusing most of my studies on CCIE R&S but want to get back into collaboration track after that. In the meantime, I setup a home lab to practice with the newer versions of CUCM and made this video for those that are looking to do the same thing and can follow along with their own lab. Due to legal reasons I cannot provide the ISO images for the Cisco software but have made my home lab available to the public (free) for those that want to thinker and experiment with this platform but don't have access to setup their own lab.

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Overview of Cisco Business Edition Management solution for Business Edition 6000 appliances

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