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U-verse TV Wireless Receiver Installation | AT&T U-verse

Watch this AT&T support video to learn how to install your Wireless Access Point, or WAP device, and your U-verse TV Wireless Receiver. Learn more at: About AT&T Support: Find support videos for all the latest and greatest AT&T products, devices, & services. Connect with AT&T online: For additional support please visit us at: Find your answers on the Forums: Follow AT&T on Twitter: Like AT&T on Facebook: Follow AT&T on Google+: Visit AT&T on our Website: U-verse TV Wireless Receiver Installation | AT&T U-verse In this video, you will learn how to install your Wireless Access Point and your U-verse TV Wireless Receiver in three easy steps. In Step 1 we will walk you through setting up your Wireless Receiver. Then, Step 2 will show setting up your Wireless Access Point, and in Step 3 you will learn how to link the Wireless Receiver to your Wireless Access Point. Please do not attempt to install your new receiver prior to the service activation date and time on your packing slip. Make sure you have the Wireless Receiver, power cord and U-verse TV remote control that came with the Wireless Receiver. You may have also received a Wireless Access Point, Ethernet cable and power cord. In order to complete the setup, you will need to locate your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. You will also need a cable to connect the receiver to your TV. An HDMI cable is preferred because it provides a single connection and delivers superior audio and HD video content. Our first step is setting up your Wireless Receiver. You will need to make a video connection between the receiver and your TV by plugging one end of an HDMI component or other cable into the respective port on the back of the receiver. Connect the other end of the cable into the matching port on the back of your TV. After connecting the wireless receiver to the TV, plug the provided power cord into the back of the receiver and the other end into a working electrical outlet. The receiver will power on automatically. You can now power on your TV and go to the input source screen. Your TV manufacturer's remote control may have a button labeled TV Input or Video Source that will take you there. Select the input source you connected to the Wireless Receiver. For instance, if you used the HDMI 3 port on your TV, select "HDMI 3”. You may need to consult your TV manual for details. It may take up to one minute before on-screen instructions appear on your TV. Our second step is setting up your Wireless Access Point. If you already have a Wireless Receiver installed and are now installing a second Wireless Receiver, you can skip this step and move ahead to Step 3. Plug one end of the supplied yellow Ethernet cable into one of the open yellow Ethernet LAN ports on the back of the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway. Be sure to leave existing cables plugged into your Wi-Fi Gateway and make sure you have an open Ethernet port for the Wireless Access Point. Now, plug the other end of the yellow Ethernet cable into the yellow port on the back of the Wireless Access Point. Next, connect the provided power cord to the back of the Wireless Access Point and plug the other end into a working electrical outlet. Once powered up, the power LED light on the front of the Wireless Access Point should be green. And finally, Step 3, let's get your TV receiver and Wireless Access Point talking to each other. Press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS button on the front of the Wireless Access Point. This is the only button on the front of the Wireless Access Point. Follow the instructions on your TV. Locate and press the "OK" button on the front of the Wireless Receiver. Do not use the "OK" button on the remote control. You should see a fast blinking green LED bar above the button on the Wireless Access Point. You may see a message on your TV once the connection has been successful. You should also see the solid green LINK LED light on the front of the Wireless Receiver. Either indicator means a successful connection. Please allow up to 10 minutes for your receiver to boot up. Do not turn off your receiver during this time. Live TV will appear when the start up process is complete. Press the Guide button to start enjoying your favorite programming. If you see a connection error, press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds to restart the Wireless Receiver and repeat the connection process. If restarting does not correct the connection error, disconnect your Wireless Receiver from its current location, move it closer to the Wi-Fi Gateway, plug the Wireless Receiver into an electrical outlet and reconnect it to a TV. Thanks for choosing AT&T!

How to Change Your Wireless Number to One From Another Provider – AT&T Premier

Learn how you can easily port or transfer a wireless number to AT&T from another service provider, and then replace your current number with the transferred number. And, you can do it all online. For more information visit: Transcript: Want to change your current wireless number to one from another service provider? We'll show you how to port, or transfer, a number to AT&T for service, and then change your current wireless number to the transferred number. And we'll do it all online, with Premier. We'll start on the Premier homepage. From the "I want to" list, select "Change wireless number." Enter the number you want to change, and then click "Go." At the top of the Change Wireless Number page, you'll see details about the number you're changing. Select the second option, "Transfer a wireless number to AT&T." Enter the number that you want to transfer, and then click "Check Eligibility." If the number can be transferred, the "Continue" button becomes available. Click "Continue." Now enter account information about the number you want to transfer. The fields you see depend on the number's provider, and whether the number is owned by a business or an individual. When you're ready, click "Continue." Incorrect information can delay the transfer, so carefully check that the information you've entered matches the information on your last bill from the number's service provider. And then click "Submit." If the port, or transfer, request is successfully submitted, and the transfer is confirmed during submission, we'll start the number change immediately. We'll keep you informed about the progress of your request by email. First, we'll confirm your transfer request. Then we'll let you know when your request is complete and the new number is active on your device! If there's a delay in processing your transfer request, we'll email you as the status changes and advise you of any action you may need to take. You can also check the status of your request by logging in to Premier. Under "Account Management," click "View Port (Transfer) Status." On the Port (Transfer) Status page, enter the number you're transferring, and then click "Check Status." If the status of the transfer shows "Submitted", check again later. If the status shows "Pending," resolve any open issues by clicking the link in the "Action" column. When the status shows your request as "Confirmed," click the link in the "Action" column to complete the transfer. To replace your current wireless number with the transferred number, on the Change Wireless Number page that appears, click "Submit." The Confirmation page appears, and your request is complete. The number has been transferred to AT&T and is now active on your device. You're ready to go! Thank you for learning more about Premier, and thank you for choosing AT&T.

1GB Fiber Internet Service AT&T | What to Expect

I did this video to give you a quick walk through of the components that came along with the 1GB Fiber Internet Service from AT&T. I didn't realize what all went into it until the installer showed up.

How to map your customer journey

A few weeks ago we shared the journey one business took in becoming a customer of ours. It took us 6 months to put the processes and data together. In our latest video we share this process so you can map out your own customers’ journeys, and get insights into their behaviour.

AT&T's Role in Government Support | AT&T

In this video, our employees take an in-depth look at the many Government Support opportunities available at AT&T. Interested in applying? Go to where you'll find career opportunities just for you. SUBSCRIBE About AT&T: Laugh, learn, discover. See your favorite products, services, customer stories, entertainment, and our innovations in action. Watch the new connected life unfold. Mobilizing Your World. Connect with AT&T Visit the AT&T Website: Visit AT&T Time Warner: Like AT&T on Facebook: Follow AT&T on Twitter: Follow AT&T on Instagram: Follow AT&T on LinkedIn: Follow AT&T on Google Plus: For Customer Care issues Tweet us: For Business Customer Care issues Tweet us: AT&T's Role in Government Support | AT&T

Order Status Manager has Customer Self Activate. You can complete activation on your own when your order is ready for test and turn-up. Let us show you how. For more information:


Order Status Manager provides near real-time order status, virtually anywhere, anytime.

Good news!

OSM also has Customer Self Activate.

You can complete self-activation on your own when your order is ready for test and turn-up.

You can even activate service on-the-go using OSM's mobile application.

This means you no longer have to schedule an appointment with an AT&T technician to activate service.

It's quick and convenient using Customer Self Activate through OSM.

With CSA you can self-activate service for AT&T Dedicated Internet:
using Ethernet,
with a customer managed router,
with an AT&T managed router,
or the Express version

Here's how it works.

You'll monitor the progress of your order, in OSM, from Submission through Billing.

You'll receive three Order Status emails at key milestones throughout the process.

The first email will arrive when your order submission is complete.

Your second email will provide the confirmed Circuit installation and Delivery dates.

You'll know your circuit has been installed when OSM displays a check-mark and date under Circuit Installed.

This will trigger the third email notifying you of "AT&T Ready" status.

The email will provide detail for self-service activation and test and turn-up.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to activate service on your own.

Start by clicking the link in the email notification.

Log in to Order Status Manager using AT&T BusinessDirect.

In the lower section, click the "Requests & Actions" tab. Under "Order Actions," look for "Initiate service activation."

If the circuit is ready for activation, the "Select" button is available.

Now click "Select."

A window opens with a checklist of items needed for a successful activation.

For more information, you'll find links to "FAQs" and "Router Setup" at the top of the window.

If you need help, click "Request Assistance" and we'll be in touch.

To view the progress of the activation as it moves through the process, leave the window open.

Or, you can close the window now...

...and check the Requests & Actions page later to verify that activation is complete.

If the activation wasn't successful, click "Select" for further instructions.

With CSA, you don't need to make a phone call unless you need technical assistance.

We're here to help.

Thank you for learning about Customer Self Activation and Thank you for choosing AT&T.

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