BUTTERFLY GARDEN~ Making & Cutting Cold Process Soap

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Aqua Spa Cold Process Soap

I hope you enjoyed the making of Aqua Spa using the In-the Pot Swirl technique! Social Media: www.facebook.com/blackberryridgesoap www.instagram.com/blackberryridgesoap Music by: Twin Musicom and Silent Partner

Making & Cutting Lemon Delight Soap

I'm using yogurt for the first time to make this dessert-like lemon soap. What an extra-creamy lather the yogurt made. I'll definately be making more! Ingredients: soybean shortening, coconut, olive oil, yogurt, castor and sweet almond oils, mango butter, lemon sugar fragrance, grapefruit essential oil, cosmetic-grade minerals, titanium dioxide, cornstarch, sugar crystals http://evesgardenhandmadesoaps.com https://www.facebook.com/evesgardenhandmadesoaps https://twitter.com/EvesGardenSoaps

Making & Cutting "Rock Star" Cold Process Soap ~ Petals Bath Boutique

get lathered... http://petals-bath-boutique.mybigcommerce.com/ Informational Site: http://petalsbathboutique.com/

Making 'Florist' soap | FuturePrimitive Soap Co.

SHOP: http://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk Discount code: YOUTUBE INSTA: http://instagram.com/futureprim Soap Cutter: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/budhaffner Long silicone moulds: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Loaf-Silicone-Liner-Soap-Mould-Making-Tools-Handmade-Cake-Toast-Baking-Molds/131731457355?hash=item1eabce854b:g:zcgAAOSwbdpWVn~Z Soap mould Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/soapmoldiy Scent Perfique fragrance oils: https://www.scentperfique.com/ Sensory Perfection Fragrance oils and supplies: http://www.sensoryperfection.co.uk/ Nurture soap supplies: https://nurturesoap.com/ Mica Moma: https://www.micamoma.com/ Mineral Makeup Ingredients: http://www.mineralmakeupingredients.co.uk


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Well--I never intended to talk so much in this video, especially with my voice going out on me, so for those who have been asking for a chatty video, here you go! If you don't like chatty then this one isn't going to suit you. Nuff said...

This fragrance oil from Nurture Soaps reminds of one that I just used that had jasmine and lily of the valley. It's very nice!

I found the idea for this design on Pinterest, and unfortunately I cannot tell who was the maker of the soap that inspired it. But I do want to give credit to her or him as it was not my original idea.

This soap will be available July 10th on my Facebook soaping page LADYBUG LANE SOAPS.

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