Shahi Tukda Recipe | Double ka Meetha | शाही टुकड़ा बनाये घर पर त्योहारों में बहुतही आसान

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Hyderabadi Double Ka Meetha - Eid Special Dessert || How To Make Double Ka Meetha by Cook With Fem

Hyderabadi Double Ka Meetha is a tasty Hyderabadi Dessert made using Bread fried in Clarified butter and then cooked along with a thick milk mixture and sugar syrup METHOD 1.Take Bread slices - 11, cut their crust then cut them into 4 parts, in the same way cut all the bread slices and fry them in clarified butter till they turn golden brown 2.In another pan heat milk - 1/2 liter, boil it , then add cardamom powder - 1 teaspoon, Food color - 2 pinches, khoya - 100 gram mixed in little milk, chopped nuts, mix well cook for 2 minutes and keep aside 3.In another pan heat 1 1/4 cup water and to it add sugar - 500 gram Cook it till sugar syrup is formed 4.In a big pan place the fried bread pieces, on it pour milk mixture and sugar syrup, cook it for 10 minutes,garnish with khoya and nuts 5.Hyderabadi double ka meetha is ready

Chicken Seekh Kabab Recipe | Easy Chicken seekh Kabab | Seekh kabab banane ka tarika | چکن سیخ کباب

Learn how to make absolutely delicious restaurant style Chicken Seekh Kabab from scratch using simple ingredients and home made spices.The simplest Chicken Seekh Kebab Recipe for you. Ingredients: -Chicken Mince ½ kg -Adrak/ Ginger 1 Inch -Lehsan/ Garlic 4-5 -Pyaz (Onion) 2 Medium -Namak (Salt) 2 tsp or to taste -Lal mirch (Red chili Powder) 2 tsp -Garam masala powder (Whole spice powder) 1 tsp -Zeera (Cumin seeds) roasted & crushed 1 tsp -Haldee powder (Turmeric powder) ½ tsp -Oil 2 tbs - Ghee 2 Tbs - Chat Masala 1 Tsp - All Purpose Flour Roasted 2 Tbs - Green chilli 3-4 - Black Pepper Powder 1 Tsp - Dry Roasted Crushed Coriander 1 Tbs Follow us on Facebook Seekh kabab recipe, Seekh kabab, Chicken seekh kabab recipe in hindi, Chicken seekh kabab recipe bajias, Chicken seekh kabab recipe by faiza, Chicken seekh kabab recipe by food fusion, Chicken seekh kabab recipe pakistani, Chicken seekh kabab recipe, Easy seekh kabab recipe, How to make seekh kabab, Pakistani seekh kabab recipe, Chicken seekh kebab, Chicken seekh kabab recipe in urdu, Homemade seekh kebabseekh kabab, How to make seekh kebab at home, Ramadan recipes, Iftar recipes چکن سیخ کباب Home Made Chicken Seekh Kabab Seekh Kabab Seekh Kabab recipe home made Best Seekh kabab recipe Pakistani Seekh Kabab Recipe Kabab House sikh kabab recipe seekh kebab recipe Seekh Kabab Without Oven seekh kaba without microwave

Shahi tukda original Jama masjid style recipe YouTube par pehli Baar | asli shahi tukde ki recipe

Please Sponsor us It is the first original recipe of shahi tukda on YouTube. I hope you all are going to love it. Shahi Tukra as the name suggests means royal dessert which is an exotic rich bread pudding with lots of fruits flavored with cardamom. It’s a simple recipe to make and an exceptional dessert for times when you are in a hurry. Shahi Tukra or Shahi tukrayor Shahi Tukda are almost similar method of cooking with slight variations and are originally Mughlai desserts from the Nawabi cuisine. #Shahitukdarecipe #doublekameetha #indiansweetsrecipe #zaikadilli6 INGREDIENTS- For sugar syrup: 600gm sugar 500 ml water 2-3 pinch alum powder 2 pinch orange food colour 20-22 bread slices ghee to fry For cream: 1 ltr full cream milk ½ cup arrawroot/cornflour 1 cup water 200 gm khoya/mawa tutti frutti, silver warq and desi ghee for garnishing khoya link- tutti frutti link-

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Rasmalai Halwai Style with Secrets - Easy Homemade Rasmalai Recipe

Learn how to make easy Rasmalai recipe from scratch. Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Dessert made with cheese/paneer, cooked in light sugar syrup and then soaked in malai/rabri. Very delicious homemade recipe. Ingredients for Ras Malai Balls: 1 literl full fat milk 3 Tbs vinegar mixed with 1 tbs of water Some extra cold water 1/2 Tbs cornflour FOR SUGAR SYRUP 2 cups sugar 6 cups of water Ingredients for Malai: 1 litre full fat milk 4-5 Tbs sweetened condensed milk or white sugar to taste ½ tsp green cardamom powder 1 tbsp. crushed almonds 1 tbsp. crushed pistachios Pinch of saffron/Kesar strands Follow us on Facebook :- Indian sweets recipe, Rasmalai milk, Indian dessert recipes, Indian sweets recipes, Rasmalai halwai style, Rasmalai with 5 easy steps, How to make rasmalai, Rasmalai classic masala hut, Rasmalai with chenna, Rasmalai with cottage cheese, Rasmalai with ricotta cheese, Rasmalai recipe bangladeshi, Rasmalai ricotta cheese, Rasmalai hard from inside, Rasmalai with fresh milk, Easy rasmalai recipe, Rasmalai recipe video, Rasmalai images, How to make rasmalai in hindi, Asmalai recipe step by step, How rasmalai is made, Bengali rasmalai recipe, How do you make rasmalai, Rasmalai recipe in urdu pakistani, Rasmalai recipe kitchen with amna, Rasmalai recipe in hindi, Rasmalai recipe pakistani, Rasmalai recipe by food fusion, Rasmalai recipe in urdu, Rasmalai recipe with milk powder, Rasmalai recipe

Learn how to make easy, quick 10 minute Shahi Tukda recipe at home. It is also known as Double ka meetha ( Indian bread pudding). A famous Hyderabadi dessert. This recipe has it's roots to Mughalai cuisine. It is particularly prepared during the festive month of Ramadan and on Eid. The recipe uses bread, condensed milk, and dry fruits.

For Rabri/milk mixture:
1 Liter milk
4 Tbs khoay/mawa
½ tsp green cardamom powder
1 pinch saffron/zafran

For nuts:
2 tbsp. almonds, sliced
2 tbsp. pistachios

For Toasted Bread:
6-8 bread slices
Ghee/oil for deep frying

For Syrup
1 Cup Water
1 cup Sugar
2 drops Kewa Essence
Pinch of Food Colour

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