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How to Make Solid Bubble Bath

Learn how to make solid bubble bath at home! This recipe is easy to make, and results in fluffy bubbles. If you'd like a written out recipe, visit the Soap Queen blog here: Recipe: 7 oz Liquid Glycerin 1.8 oz Castor Oil 0.7 oz Celestial Waters Fragrance Oil 10.1 oz Baking Soda 7.4 oz Cream of Tartar 2.7 oz Corn Starch 0.6 oz Modified Tapioca Powder 5.8 oz SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate) 12 mL Diluted Emerald LabColor 15 mL Diluted Blue Mix LabColor Get the ingredients for this project here: For more tutorials, tips and tricks and business advice, visit our blog For soapmaking supplies, visit our website All supplies used can be purchased at Thank you for watching! Starting 12/19/16, we will no longer be responding to comments here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service team at or 877-627-7883 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST, Monday-Friday. You can also live chat with customer service on from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. PST, Monday-Friday.

Tutorial: Pink Watermelon Sea Salt Soap | MO River Soap

Hi everyone! In this video I share a recipe and demonstrate how we make Pink Watermelon Sea Salt Soaps using the cold process soapmaking method. Sea Salt Soaps are considered a luxurious spa-type soap bar. A high percentage of coconut oil is used because coconut oil can lather even with the presence of sea salt. We counteract the drying affects of the coconut oil by using a 20% superfat. Sea Salt Soap has a dense thick lather. Sea Salt is said to remove toxins from the skin and people have found sea salt soaps to be helpful with acne. Please note that we do not make any medical or health claims. Our purpose for this soap is for cleansing only. **Where to find us** Instagram: Facebook Page – make sure to select to ‘get notifications’: Facebook Group : (This group is not a general soapmaking/wax making/craft group. This group is only for the happenings of MO River Soap.) Twitter: **Cautions & Disclaimers** Cold Process Soapmaking requires the use of a caustic material called Sodium Hydroxide. This must be respected and handled with care. It is your responsibility to research, know, and adhere to all safety measures for making cold process soap. Please note that while any soapmaker can use the same materials to create the same soap, each soapmaker has a personal touch and skill base that may cause varied results. Always recheck a recipe using a soapmaking lye calculator. Never just trust a recipe, a video, or an tutorial without doing some research to know that everything is correct. Never, ever add water to sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide must always be added to the water. While we all can do our best to share with you and provide tutorials, you are responsible for you, your materials, and your actions. Missouri River Soap LLC is not responsible for injuries, accidents, or performance due to sharing this recipe and demonstrating this process. **Beginner Soapmakers LOOK HERE** If you have never made soap before, it is important that you research and arm yourself with knowledge before you ever attempt making soap. Here are two learning series that we recommend you watch to start your journey: **Alternate Sea Salt Soap Bar Information** **Recipe Information** Run all recipes through a soapmaking lye calculator before using! See image of recipe/lye calculator in video for more information: 48 oz coconut oil - 80% 6 oz castor oil - 10% 3 oz cocoa butter - 5% 3 oz shea butter -5% 30% Lye Concentration 20% Superfat Liquid amount came to 19.35 oz of distilled water. We took away 4 oz of the liquid so we could add 4 oz organic coconut milk. The remaining 15.35 oz of distilled water was used to create the lye solution. We used 8.29 oz of food grade sodium hydroxide. (Always add the sodium hydroxide/lye to the water for safety reasons.) 2 tsp white kaolin clay 3 oz fragrance (5% of oil weight only/0.8 oz ppo) 36 oz Sea Salt (just over 50% of the oil weight) Allow soap to rest/gel for 20-24 hours. Cold process soap requires a four to eight week cure time. Eight weeks is best for sea salt soap. **Supplier List** Gloves: Safety Goggles: Apron: Soapmaking Oils - Coconut, Castor, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter: Sodium Hydroxide: Organic Coconut Milk: Sea Salt: Pink Watermelon Fragrance: Micas - Jade Green, Lime Appeal, Pink Vibrance, Rose Pink: White Kaolin Clay: Divider Mold: Plastic Pitchers: Clear Container: Scale:

DIY Mooncake Press Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs using a Mooncake Press. Easy step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to make these gorgeous fizzy bath bombs. Perfect for gift giving or to treat yourself! Enjoy! UPDATED INFO Mad Micas released detailed information about what colors are safe to use in bath products in May 2017. It notes that the purple mica 'Harolds Purple Crayon' is "NOT PERMITTED IN BATH BOMBS DUE TO ULTRAMARINE BLUE INGREDIENT". This video was filmed in February 2017. There was no warning on the Mad Micas website about using this color in bath bombs when this was filmed. For more information about what colors are allowed in bath bombs here is a link to the article - What Colors Are Allowed In Bath Bombs - They also have updated information on the Sparkle Plenty Glitter. The recipe I use for Bath Bombs in this tutorial is from Dean Wilson. Hands down the best bath bomb recipe out there! Here is a link to his tutorial. Check out some of his other amazing tutorials and subscribe to his channel. Thank you Dean! DIY Bath Bombs - Where to purchase ingredients and supplies for this tutorial* Mooncake Mold - approximately 75 grams Amazon - Mooncake Mold - approximately 50 grams Amazon - Citric Acid - Wholesale Supplies Plus White Kaolin Clay - Wholesale Supplies Plus Polysorbate 80 - Wholesale Supplies Plus Sweet Almond Oil - Wholesale Supplies Plus- SLSA (aka Lathanol) - Amazon - Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil - Nurture Soap Supplies - Purple Mica & Sparkle Plenty Glitter - Mad Micas (Mad Oils) ~SEE UPDATED INFORMATION ABOVE~ Glitter Pump - Mad Micas (Mad Oils) *Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. These are some of the products I use in my tutorials that I have listed here to help you get the supplies needed for your crafting projects. I only share links to products I believe in, have tried, and enjoy. xo ***Other Skincare Tutorials to check out*** DIY Bath Bomb - How to make Bath Bombs - DIY Gemstone Soap - DIY Body Butter with Coconut Oil -

Making Island Nectar Soap Restock

Join me in remaking a favorite soap. This time the design is changed a little, and I include the cutting. I've received encouragement from many to inlcude this feature, and this is for you!

How To Make Pink Champagne Creme Silk Soap Please Donate:- Link For Silicone Liner Molds, from Brambleberry:- Piping Tip:- Using the Cold Process Method of soap making. Watch me make Pink Champagne soap with an interesting piped topping you might enjoy. Buy our soap at:-

In this video, I show how I make Bubbling Bath Truffles using the recipe created and posted on These are not a bubble bar but are in fact a hybrid containing citric acid and copious amounts of butters. This video is not edited for time but was created as if you were in my studio with me.

Bubbling Bath Truffle Recipes:

Suppliers mentioned/used: (fragrance) (powders, poly 80) (liquid glycerin) (mica) (shea and cocoa butters) (scale) (containers)

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Disclaimer – Missouri River Soap is not responsible for the performance of this recipe. Testing is your responsibility. Your results may vary. Use caution and common sense when making and using bubbling bath truffles.

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