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Village Food / Cooking 5kg Shell Macaroni Pasta in my Village by Grandma

Village Food Cooking 5kg Shell Macaroni Pasta in my Village by Grandma

Egg Fried Rice | Restaurant Style Egg Fried Rice

Ingredients - egg - 2 nos oil- 4 tbsp salt to taste green chilli- 1 nos onion - 1 nos small size garlic clove - 3 nos ginger - 1 inch spring onion black pepper powder carrot beans basmati rice - 100 gm soya sauce - 1tbsp

Chicken Fried Rice - Restaurant style

Chicken fried rice is a favourite recipe in India. Rice is stir fried with chicken strips, veggies and sauces in high flame for that extra taste..We will take you through how to make this hot dish at home... Try it out.. For more yummy recipes, visit : Website : http://www.sreenathrecipes.com YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkM5CLTtn5vayQU_ieKjbQ Face book : https://www.facebook.com/SreenathRecipes Blog : http://www.sreenathrecipes.blogspot.in

Pasta in White Sauce | White Sauce Pasta | Indian Style white sauce pasta Recipe

Ingredients- Penne Pasta- 1 cup Oil- 1 tbsp Salt- 1 tsp water- to boil pasta Chopped garlic cubed capsicum (as required) chopped carrots (as required) boiled corns (as required) Butter- 1 tbsp Maida- 2 tsp Milk- 1.5 cups Chilli flakes- 1 tsp Black pepper powder- 1 tsp salt to taste Music by- https://soundcloud.com/vexento If you enjoyed this recipe video- Give it a Like & do Subscribe . 💗 💗 STAY HEALTHY ! STAY HAPPY ! 💗 💗SUBSCRIBE NOW!! 💗 You won't regret!! 💗 Follow us here- 🍷 FACEBOOK- https://www.facebook.com/Flavours-Of-Food-1872658602966622/?ref=page_internal 🍷 INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/flavours_of_food/ 🍷 GOOGLE+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/100387938907948591521 😘 lots of love 😘

Instant Pot Indian Recipes Tomato Pulav | How to make Tomato Pulao | Tomato Rice | Tomato Pulao

#TomatoPulav | How to make Tomato Pulao | Tomato Rice | Thakkali Pulao | Tomato Pulao-An #InstantPotIndianRecipe #RecipeBook . Tomato pulao in electric pressure cooker/Instant pot. A simple rice recipe using tomatoes and green peas which is very easy and quick to prepare. Other InstantPot Recipes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ veg paneer biryani https://youtu.be/EjxJeiN0U6U Chole Pulav https://youtu.be/ox_40R7Uv2I Palak Pulao https://youtu.be/b6q9l4RhNcg Tomato Pulav https://youtu.be/VoTUtZJJMSs Vegetable Biryani https://youtu.be/s1vbD7U2D8o Kala ChanaCurry https://youtu.be/h-ExRxfCMig pudina pulao recipe https://youtu.be/JZ9cmVg-_wk Dal Makhani Restaurant Style https://youtu.be/Ax13aOMlRfM Mango Rice https://youtu.be/jBz1Wc_mwe8 Pudina Rice https://youtu.be/-e34GiHwv6k Tomato Pulav https://youtu.be/VoTUtZJJMSs Vegetable Biryani https://youtu.be/s1vbD7U2D8o pudina pulao recipe https://youtu.be/JZ9cmVg-_wk Aloo Dum Biryani https://youtu.be/AE9N5KC_T6Y sweet corn fried rice https://youtu.be/CNFk6CwNUso masala bhaat https://youtu.be/pEj33GbQq88 Tomato rice Recipe https://youtu.be/hQStFmixqOg Temple Style Pulihora https://youtu.be/NhCn7Rp19Y4 Sesame Rice https://youtu.be/F59PVQBzRs8 Peanut Rice https://youtu.be/TD9AfQI1n6Q Lemon Rice https://youtu.be/RcEqn8JXeJ0 Kobbari annam | Coconut milk Pulav https://youtu.be/3On_kR89Pp0 Vegetable pulao https://youtu.be/ktyrqf0762M veg paneer biryani https://youtu.be/EjxJeiN0U6U Gongura Rice https://youtu.be/YmF4kwzfHWY Chole Pulav https://youtu.be/ox_40R7Uv2I Palak Pulao https://youtu.be/b6q9l4RhNcg BeetrootRice https://youtu.be/3lq2j7dPmS0 capsicum rice https://youtu.be/f8XN7ABpKSo RajmaPulao https://youtu.be/jZ9Vw9rqw9Q Coriander Rice recipe https://youtu.be/NZaZG0RP73k Crispy Millet Dosa https://youtu.be/oZ-4_zfxSAc Poha Dosa | Atukula Dosa https://youtu.be/VL5dm5aKt3c Sprouted Moong Dal Dosa https://youtu.be/acY-vIYHIPE Semiya Upma https://youtu.be/nAvfFinxGbg Poha Upma https://youtu.be/qvxEbZphZxo RiceRavaUpma https://youtu.be/N-wh9Aqk4BY Poha Idly Recipe https://youtu.be/nQxMYXZ1TFY PaneerFrankie recipe https://youtu.be/N_VX8ZNUJ6s PastaInWhiteSauce https://youtu.be/RbipfeO9RCA Yogurt Sandwich https://youtu.be/MEWZhOUSDKU Masala Grilled Sandwich https://youtu.be/g9Zk0CtENgI PaneerPizza https://youtu.be/MqtWAYBlFGM Bread Pizza https://youtu.be/znv_6QMNL0k Cream Cheese Sandwich https://youtu.be/xcD-q3p4WQU VegSandwich https://youtu.be/4giUrutBnQs StreetStyle Onion Samosa Recipe https://youtu.be/qa924HDGwK4 Aloo cutlet Recipe https://youtu.be/DXXtYsWm9Mc Aloo-SoojiCutlet https://youtu.be/xvpeT2PhVJs Murmura Chivda recipe https://youtu.be/Zhl_1X58Rbs Hariyali Paneer Tikka https://youtu.be/kwz2Jt2yzM8 Punugulu with Idly Batter https://youtu.be/IgvKM5Iocbk MinapaJanthikalu https://youtu.be/qpYma81N58U Street Style Batani Chaat https://youtu.be/5ebw1jyUowU PohaCutlet https://youtu.be/tAw6BBodmhI Bhindi Masala | Bhindi Ki Sabzi https://youtu.be/CmHalHOnxbo Restaurant Style Aloo gobi https://youtu.be/TTy2-cHrbCo Green Beans Aloo ki sabzi https://youtu.be/LRtYzRyvlcc Shalgam Ki Subzi https://youtu.be/GgGxDMdEYPg Kala Chana Curry https://youtu.be/d1AN3WqF0DE Sorakaya Masala Curry https://youtu.be/OmCgDeHHjWU Best Dum Aloo Recipe https://youtu.be/8rdHLwunzNU Kala ChanaCurry https://youtu.be/h-ExRxfCMig Dal Makhani Restaurant Style https://youtu.be/Ax13aOMlRfM Parathas: Stuffed Broccoli Paratha https://youtu.be/V2wPAZhI6v4 Beetroot Paratha https://youtu.be/37-d0As6eFA

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