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How to Unlock The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Safe & Secure!!

Hey Guys, If you want to Unlock Your device the unlocking company is the way to go I'm more than positive that they will take good care of you. Website Link: FCC: Video is Sponsored by TheUnlockingCompany

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) Official First look, Price, Introduction, Specs, Camera, Sales Details

✖ Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) Official First look, Price, Introduction, Specs, Camera, Sales Details Here is the Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 Smartphone official First Look, introduction, Price, Specs and More. This year, we're getting updated models of the Galaxy J3 and J7. Samsung says the two phones "focus on the key features that users love: sharp displays for movies and apps, great-low-light cameras that let them make the most of every moment, expandable memory for more storage, and battery life that powers their phones all day." Looking first at the J3, the phone's outfitted with a 5.0-inch HD display, 8MP rear-facing camera with f/1.9 aperture, and a 5MP f/2.2 selfie camera. With the J7, you're getting a 5.5-inch HD screen, 13MP f/1.7 rear camera, and 13MP f/1.9 sensor on the front. Further specs on the J7 are still unavailable, but we know the J3 will tout Samsung's Exynos 7570 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a 2,600 mAh battery. Android 8.0 Oreo is also present out of the box. Samsung notes that pricing for the new models will be similar to the J3 and J7 from 2017, but that carriers selling the phones will be setting their own rates. The J3's already popped up on AT&T with a price tag of $209 outright or $7/month for 30 months. Source: / What do you think of this Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 Smartphone? Do let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to TechSole Blog for more Tech Updates. Note: We cannot guarantee that the information on this Video is 100% Correct. Subscribe: Thanks for watching #Samsung #GalaxyJ32018 #GalaxyNote9 Connect with us: - Facebook page: - Twitter: - _________________ ✖ Tags: techsole, techsole blog, samsung, galaxy j3 2018, galaxy j3 2018, galaxy j3 2018, samsung us, galaxy j3 2018 official launch, smartphone full specifications, galaxy j3 2018 full specifications, galaxy j3 2018 first look, galaxy j3 2018 price, galaxy j3 2018 release date, galaxy j3 2018 unboxing and review, galaxy j3 2018 official video, galaxy j3 2018 hands on, samsung latest smartphone, top 10 smartphone in 2018, upcoming smartphone in 2018, best smartphone in 2018, tech news, latest smartphone launched, galaxy j3 2018 launched in us, galaxy j3 2018 news, galaxy j3 2018 Teaser,

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 to solve a lot of your device’s problems. Using our video tutorials or simple step by step guides, you can hard reset %man% Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 safely to its original factory settings. What will a hard reset do to my phone? Hard reset will restore your smartphone to its basic factory settings. It will: * Erase all user data (contacts, music, messages, pictures, video, etc.) * Erase all firmware settings * Erase all applications installed by user * Erase the content in internal storage Reasons why you might need to hard reset Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 phone? * Reset and disable forgotten screen lock password or pattern * Might resolve hang-ups & freezing problems * Might resolve slow performance of your Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 phone * Might resolve unexpected Application crashes * Wipes personal data phone before you sell your phone or after you buy one * Regain default functionality of your Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 - To receive regular video updates on hard resets, subscribe to ResetHard’s Youtube Channel WARNING: Make sure to backup the data on your Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 phone before you proceed with a hard reset - it will erase all of the data on your phone. The data on your SIM card and external memory card won’t be affected. Steps to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330: 1. POWER OFF your Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 phone !!!. Android update may blocks turning off your device at the locked screen. Leave the phone to drain the battery. Charge the battery without turning the phone on. 2. Remove the SIM card 3. Press and hold the VOLUME UP, HOME button and the POWER button together until you see the Android robot, then release the buttons 4. Press the VOLUME DOWN to reach WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET and press the POWER button to confirm 5. Again use the VOLUME DOWN button to reach the YES - DELETE ALL USER DATA and confirm with the POWER button 6. Then choose REBOOT SYSTEM NOW with the POWER button 7. Wait until your Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 reset is completed. 8. Your Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 phone has been completely reset to its original factory settings. Your Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 has a different problem? The SIM network unlock PIN message indicates that your Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 is network locked. You can purchase affordable Galaxy J3 2017 SM-J330 unlock codes from

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) first encounter

These are our first impressions from the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018). Samsung just updated one of its best midrangers...but last year's version is nothing to sneeze at. Is it really worth the bump in price? ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone's top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video. ♫Music By♫ Title: Aurora Artist: Krakn [NCS Release]

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime 2017 - Hard Reset and Soft Reset

Be my Patron: This is a video on how to perform both methods of factory reset on a 2017 Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime. Soft reset and hard reset. Maybe you forgot your password or your device is having trouble booting up or its just super slow. Doing a factory reset will erase everything in the phone back to it's original factory condition and will clean the phone up so that it will work normally again. All models - Samsung J327T Metro PCS SM-J327T1 T-Mobile SM-J327T J3 Luna Pro J3 Pro J3 2017 J3 2018 Buy the Galaxy J3 - The camera used to film this video - Disclaimer - A factory data reset both hard or soft will erase all of your personal information on your device and return it to its out of the box state. You are doing this factory data wipe/reset on your device at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems or technical difficulties caused from trying these techniques.

Learn how to perform a soft reset, factory reset, and alternate master reset on the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018). Learn more at:

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How to Reset Your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) | AT&T Wireless

Reset Device:
Power Cycle.
There are multiple ways
to reset your device
if you are experiencing issues.
The first is to
perform a power cycle.
To turn the device off,
press and hold the
Power/Lock button
located on the
back of the device.
Select "Power off",
select "Power off"
again to confirm.
To turn the device back on,
press and hold the
Power/Lock button.
The device will take
a moment to power on.
If a power cycle
doesn't fix the issue,
try performing a device restart.
Press and hold the
Power/Lock button.
Select "Restart",
select "Restart" to confirm.
The device will take
a moment to restart.
If you are unable
to access the screen
or if it becomes unresponsive,
press and hold the Volume
Down and Power buttons
simultaneously for 10 seconds,
until the device restarts.
Factory Reset.
A factory reset will erase
all information on the device
and return it to factory
default settings.
It will permanently
erase all personal data,
settings, and content
that is safe to the device.
It is recommended that
you backup important data
before proceeding.
The device must also be
charged to at least 30%
to perform a factory data reset.
From the Home Screen,
swipe down from
the Notification Bar,
select the Settings icon,
scroll to and select
"General management",
select "Reset",
select "Factory data reset",
scroll to and select "Reset".
Select "Delete all".
The phone will take
a moment to reset.
Alternate Factory Reset.
If unable to perform
the standard master reset
using the previous steps,
try the alternate method by
first powering the device off.
With your device powered off,
press and hold the Home,
Power/Lock and Volume Up buttons
until the device turns on.
When the Android
Recovery Screen appears,
press the Volume Down button
until "Wipe Data Factory Reset"
is highlighted
and then press the
Power/Lock button to select.
Press the Volume Down
button to highlight "Yes"
and then press
the Power/Lock button
to begin the reset process.
When the Android Recovery
Screen displays again,
ensure that "Reboot System Now"
is highlighted,
then press the Power/Lock
button to select.
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