Pepper「ペッパー」@ Softbank Ginza (2016.3) | 1/4: Overview

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我が家のペッパー。アプリ「99%使わない機能」 ペッパーまとめサイト⇒

[AI Lab] Pepper robot learning "ball in a cup"

This video realized by the AI Lab of SoftBank Robotics shows how Pepper robot learns to play the ball-in-a-cup game ("bilboquet" in French). The movement is first demonstrated to the robot by guiding its arm. From there, Pepper has to improve its performance through trial-and-error learning. Even though the initial demonstration does not land the ball in the cup, Pepper can still learn to play the game successfully. The movement is represented as a so-called dynamic movement primitive and optimized using an evolutionary algorithm. Our implementation uses the freely available software library dmpbbo: After 100 trials, Pepper has successfully optimized its behavior and is able to repeatedly land the ball in the cup.

Humanoid robot Pepper to go on sale on June 20

SoftBank announced that its humanoid robot Pepper will be available for general consumers starting June 20. Read more: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: VISIT OUR WEBSITE: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: LEARN ABOUT JAPAN TIMES DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS:

Robot Pepper starts to work serving coffee at SoftBank's Ginza store

The humanoid robot Pepper debuted as a new member of staff serving coffee at SoftBank store in Ginza on July 19, 2017, Tokyo, Japan. The humanoid robot Pepper is programmed to interact with people whilst serving Nescafe coffee for a special promotion from July 19 to August 2 2017. (Video by Rodrigo Reyes Marin/Nippon News) HIT SUBSCRIBE: -------------------------------------------------------------- Get Connected: WEB: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Androidol U 「アンドロイドル U」@ Ikebukuro PARCO (2017.4.1) [4K]

Android “Androidol U” (Osaka University Hiroshi Ishiguro Lab., Dwango, PARCO) Ikebukuro PARCO, Tokyo, Japan 2017.4.1 Андроид “Androidol U”, «Андроидол Ю» (Лаборатория Хироси Исигуро в университете Осаки, Dwango, PARCO) Икэбукуро PARCO, Токио, Япония 2017.4.1 アンドロイド「アンドロイドル U」(阪大石黒研、ドワンゴ、パルコ) 池袋PARCO ◦ 東京 ◦ 日本 2017年4月1日

Humanoid Robot “Pepper” (Aldebaran Robotics, Softbank)
Softbank Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Гуманоидный робот «Пеппер» (Aldebaran Robotics, Softbank)
Салон Softbank Гиндза, Токио, Япония

人型ロボット Pepper「ペッパー」(アルデバランロボティクス、ソフトバンク)
ソフトバンク銀座 ◦ 東京 ◦ 日本

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