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Moto G6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Max | Full Comparison

in this video, we compare between Moto G6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy J7 Max mobile phones.both the smartphones comes with good specs lets see which one is the best. like share and subscribe to my channel to support our channel!NNNN

Motorola G6 Plus hands-on review: Top 6 Key Features

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Moto G6 Tips: Best features explored!

We take a tour of the Motorola Moto G6 in this tips and tricks guide, showing off the best phone features. Android Oreo has been boosted with some nifty Moto-only software, including Motorola's face unlock. The Moto G6 also boasts fingerprint gestures, some slick camera features and complete customisation. Check out our Moto G6 unboxing video for a complete tour of the phone: Stay tuned for our full Moto G6 review and camera tests!

Moto G6 Plus unboxing

The new Moto G6 Plus isn’t just a Moto G6 with a larger screen - instead the company has packed in a few important spec improvements too. On paper, the specs are actually vastly different but in the hand it’s a similar experience to the normal Moto G6. Our hands on Moto G6 review is a touch longer than this as we’ve spent more time with that phone, but we’ve used the Moto G6 Plus for a short amount of time too so you can get a flavor of how we feel about the new phone. Motorola has confirmed the G6 Plus won't be coming to the US, but we know it's launching in the UK at some point at the start of May. It's set to cost £269 in the UK (about $380, AU$490) and we don't currently know if the phone will be launching in Australia. The Moto G6 Plus feels large in the hand, but not as big as previous Moto G Plus devices because of the new 18:9 aspect ratio display. It means Motorola has been able to pack in a 5.9-inch display into a similar size body to on previous phones and although you do get that almighty almost 6-inch screen we didn't find it as uncomfortable to hold as the Moto G5S Plus. That display is an IPS LCD at a Full HD+ resolution, which looks bright and sharp as well as having strong viewing angles. It's not as high resolution as a lot of top-end phones with 18:9 displays, but it does the job. The back of the phone is made of 3D glass that again feels premium when you pick it up and it has curved edges so it more comfortably sits in the palm of your hand. The standard Moto G6 is a more comfortable device to hold overall because of its smaller size, but the Moto G6 Plus isn't far behind and it looks high-end when you twirl it in your fingers. The Moto G6 Plus has the most powerful chipset of the three new devices launched in the G6 series. It's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset paired with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. Either should be capable of doing most tasks you'd expect, but don't expect this to be as fast as high-end phones you've used in the past. This is still a low-end to mid-range device despite having quite solid specs inside. There's only one storage option for the Moto G6 Plus and that's 64GB, so there's lots of room in here to put your apps and media, plus there's microSD support of up to 256GB if you need more room. We haven't yet been able to test out the battery life of the Moto G6 Plus but it's a 3,200mAh cell which is a touch bigger than the 3,000mAh one inside last year's Moto G5S Plus. That phone had satisfactory battery life, but given the larger screen here we wouldn't be surprised if this only lasts around a day or even a little bit less. As for the software, it's the latest Android 8 Oreo software on the phone and there are minimal changes from how Google intended it to look, with the phone sporting a stock style. There are a few extra tweaks from Motorola here, including Moto Actions, which allows you to do nifty things like boot up the camera by turning the phone quickly, but this is all non-invasive and it makes for an easy to navigate UI. We've yet to have any extensive time with the Moto G6 Plus camera, but we have used the Moto G6's rear shooter a lot and it seems to be around the same if not a touch worse than what's on the back of the Plus. The Moto G6's camera has been good for detail so far with a few innovative modes including some fun features in the Portrait mode to play around with, but it is a little slow to shoot. We hope the slightly improved computing power inside the Moto G6 Plus will help speed that process up on this phone though. There's a 12MP sensor working in tandem with a 5MP shooter on the rear, while the front has an 8MP selfie shooter. The rear camera has an aperture of f/1.7, which is good for a device at this level and there are lots of other features such as 4K video recording packed in here too. We look forward to trying out the rear camera further for our upcoming full review.

Moto G6/G6+/G6 Play Unlock Bootloader Easiest Way

Moto G6/G6+/G6 Play Unlock Bootloader Easiest Way Download minimal adb & fastboot here Visit Motorola website to unlock the bootloader here

Learn how to perform a soft reset, factory reset, and alternate master reset on the Moto G6 Play (XT19229). Learn more at:

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How to Reset Your Moto G6 Play (XT19229) | AT&T Wireless

Reset Device: Power Cycle.
There are multiple ways to reset your device if you are experiencing issues.
The first is to perform a Power Cycle.
To turn the device off, press and hold the Power Lock button located on the right side of the device.
Select "Power off".
To turn the device back on, press and hold the Power Lock button, the device will take a moment to power on.
If a Power Cycle doesn't fix the issue, try performing a device restart.
Press and hold the Power Lock button, select "Restart".
The device will take a moment to restart.
If you are unable to access the screen or if it becomes unresponsive, press and hold the Power Lock button for about seconds until the device restarts.
Factory Reset.
A factory data reset will revert the device back to factory settings.
It will permanently erase all personal data, preferences, settings, and content such as pictures, ringtones, and apps that are saved to the device.
It is recommended that you save or back up important data before proceeding.
From the home screen, swipe down from the notification bar, select the Settings icon.
Scroll to and select "System".
Select "Reset".
Select "Factory data reset".
Select "ERASE EVERYTHING" to confirm.
Alternate Factory Reset.
If unable to perform the standard factory reset using the previous steps, try the alternate method by first powering off the device.
With the device powered off, press and hold the Power Lock and Volume Down buttons until the Android recovery screen appears.
Press the Volume Down button until "Recovery Mode" appears.
Then press the Power Lock button to select.
When no command is displayed, simultaneously press the Power Lock and Volume Up button.
Press the Volume Down button to highlight "Wipe data/factory reset".
Then press the Power Lock button to select.
Press the Volume Down button to highlight "Yes".
Then press the Power Lock button to select.
Press the Volume Down button to highlight the desired option.
Then press the Power Lock button to select.
The device will take a moment to reset.

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