egg raita recipe || बनाएं अंडे का रायता

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Tomato-Onion Raita | Vegetable Raita | Quick & Easy Raita |

Hi friends, today's dish is Tomato-Onion Raita. In summer its very good to have raita and especially when it has added vegetables :) for more video see my channel

राजमा टिक्की || rajma tikki || rajma recipe

tasty aloo pyaz ka raita ||स्वादिस्ट आलू प्याज़ रायता || raita recipe

How To: Beetroot Raita | Ventuno Home Cooking

Beetroot Raita Ingredients Beetroot - 1 cup grated Yogurt/Curd - 1 cup A little Water Salt to taste For Tempering Oil - 1 tsp Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp Green chilli - 1/2 sliced A few Curry leaves Method: 1. Sauté the grated Beetroot in a pan, till the raw smell goes off. Then sprinkle a little Water to cook fast. 2. Now, add Salt to the beetroot & sauté it. 3. Once the Beetroot is cooked, turn off the stove & cool it. 4. Add the cooked beetroot to the Yogurt/Curd & mix it well. 5. For Tempering - Heat a Oil, add Mustard seeds, Green chilli, turn off the stove & add Curry leaves. 6. Pour the tempered ingredients over the Beetroot raita & enjoy it. Like us on FACEBOOK - Follow us on TWITTER - Subscribe to YouTube - A Ventuno Production :

How to Make Cucumber Raita (Indian Cuisine Video)

How to Make Cucumber Raita - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Cucumber raita is one of the most popular dishes in Indian cuisine, and it is so easy to make, so healthy, so delicious and so quick. To make cucumber raita you start with some plain yogurt, which I am going to put right into my bowl. Your yogurt can be homemade or you can buy it in a store. I am just going to stir it till it is quite smooth. I am going to add some peeled, grated cucumber right into my yogurt. And I have some chopped mint, which goes really well with the yogurt and the cucumbers. I am going to add that. I am just going to stir it up until it is smooth. A nd now I am going to do the spicing. So I am going to add a little bit of salt. And because this recipe is not cooked, it is just a fresh salad condiment type of thing, I am going to add toasted cumins because they are already cooked. So whole toasted cumin seed that has been ground up goes in here. And there you have it, cucumber raita that is super easy, super delicious and super healthy.

Egg - 2
Curd - 2-3
Salt - as per taste
Cumin powder - 1 t. Spoon
Tomato sauce - 1 t. Spoon
Emli ki chatni - 1 t. Spoon

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