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Roblox Infinity RPG all secrets 2017 updated

This is all the secrets i know for this game. Profile:

ROBLOX | Azure Mines | Unobtainium (uC) Farming (Best) (Quickest) (2 Methods)

Here, I show you all two methods to farm unobtainium, or uC, quickly. These are by far the quickest methods, and can have you stocked up within a matter of minutes!

The Legendary Sword RPG: All Bosses

Thanks to @gobelinwilli for the private server! Note: Apparently, Mech Hammer was removed from the game, so it's not in this video. TImestamps: (boss name - sword name) Non-Server Bosses: Bandit Leader - Bandit Sword: 0:35 Bandit Overlord - Slicer: 1:25 Camp Leader - Knight Blade: 2:05 Summoner - Singularity Scythe: 2:24 Forest God - The Sorcus: 2:43 Undead God - Ice Hammer: 3:13 Lightning God - Lightning Blade: 3:58 Temple Lord - Fire Blade: 4:19 Temple God - Lava Blade: 4:39 Mine Lord - Fallen Blade: 5:06 Ancient God - Fire Dagger: 5:23 Ancient Lord - Ancient Blade: 5:41 Crimson Overlord - Crimson Blade: 5:54 Sky God - Phoenix Blade: 6:24 Angelic Lord - Angelic Hammer: 6:47 Celestial God - Heavenly Blade: 7:03 Dark Overlord - Sword of Darkness: 7:23 Chaotic God - Chaotic Blade: 7:51 Water God - Element Sword: 8:21 Flame Overlord - Flame Hammer: 8:50 Earth Overlord - Emerald Hammer: 9:00 Magma God - Magma Sword: 9:12 Emerald Skygod - Emerald Edge (need rb lvl 4): 9:28 Juggernaut - Diamond Edge (need rb lvl 6): 10:22 Surge - Mystic Arcane (need rb lvl 6): 10:57 HammerFall - Titan's Hammer (need rb lvl 15): 11:25 Emerald Warlord - Warlord's Wrath (need rb lvl 15): 12:32 Dragon Taimer - Skull Basher (need rb lvl 15): 12:48 Alpha Darkness - Sword of the Behemoth (need rb lvl 6): 13:18 Bubbles5610 - The Devil's Blade (need rb lvl 6): 13:47 Server Bosses: *Chaotic Guardian - Chaos Arcane (need rb lvl 6): 14:40 *Volcanic God - Volcanic Slicer: 15:24 Dragon Lord - Dragon Blade: 16:13 Spectrum - Omega Slicer: 16:41 Spectrum Destroyer - Omega Blade: 17:08 Alien Leader - Space Omega: 17:39 Chaotic Alien - Chaotic Hammer: 18:07 Angelic Alien - Alien Hammer: 18:34 Star Destroyer - Sun Axe: 19:06 *The chat box at 14:40 for Chaotic Guardian - Chaos Arcane and at 15:24 for Volcanic God - Volcanic Slicer is really tiny, so I'm just gonna type what I said in here: Chaotic Guardian - Chaos Arcane: "sometimes this thing says chaotic alien but it means chaotic guardian which is in the fortress he has chaos arcane" Volcanic God - Volcanic Slicer: "volcanic god is in the temple in this hidden room he drops volcanic slicer"

{SAVE UPDATE} The Legend of The Bone Sword RPG Secret Room all Codes

all secrets in roblox on infinity rpg

Hi guys. Roblox Crimson RPG - Today I'm checking out the area in the level 700 portal. With the unobtainium, we can enter and see whats inside! So lets go! Thanks :P (more)

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