How to Make Ethiopian Injera- Ferment Teff Flour

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How to Make TEFF INJERA የጤፍ እንጀራ in 3 Days ያለ አብሲት

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Authentic Ethiopian Injera | Cooking With Mali

For English scroll down: מתכון לאינג׳רה. 2 קילו קמח טף. 6 כוסות מים. חצי כפית שמרים/ אפשר גם ללא שמרים. אופן הכנה: בדלי גדול ועמוק ללוש את הבוהו(בצק) טוב טוב, למשיך מספר דקות. הבצק צריך להיות דביק על הידיים. לאחר הלישה לשפוך על החלק העליון עוד כוס מים ולסגור טוב ולהניח לארבע ימים. ביום הרביעי, פותחים את הדלי ומסננים את הנוזל העליון בעדינות. לאחר הסרת הנוזלים מערבבים טוב טוב. בסיר קטן מרתיחים 2 כוסות מים , בזמן המתנה לוקחים מצקת אחת מתוך הבוהו(בצק) ומערבבים עם מצקת אחת של מים(את המים לקחת מתוך המים של הסיר) בשביל לדלל את הבוהו( עושים את זה בשביל למנוע גושים). לאחר שהמים רותחים מוספים את הבלילה הדלילה תוך כדי ערבוב רצוף. מבשלים למשך 20 דקות תוך כדי ערבוב. לאחר 20 דקות מקררים את הבלילה לרמה שאפשר להכניס את האצבע . שהבלילה התקררה מוסיפים אותה לתוך הבוהו (בצק) ומערבבים טוב טוב ולזה מוסיפים חצי כוס מים וממשיכים לערבב עד שהבוהו אחיד לאחר מכן מוספים עוד חצי כוס מים רק על החלק העליון סוגרים ומניחים לזה ללילה . ביום החמישי פותחים את הכלי ומסננים את הנוזלים השקופים בעדינות. מערבבים טוב טוב . במידה והבלילה לא דלילה מספיק מוספים חצי כוס מים ומערבבים טוב טוב. (אם אתן עובדות עם מחבת אז יוצקים לתוך מחבת ומבשלים המידה וזה המגוגו אותו הדבר.) יוצקים את הכמות הנדרשת לתוך במחבת ונותנים ל"עיניים" להיפתח ברגע ש80% מהעיניים נפתחו סוגרים את המחבת למשך 30/40 שניות ואז פותחים ומוצאים מהמחבת. שיהיה בתאבון.   Recipe Injera. 2 kg Teff flour. 6 cups of water. ½ Teaspoon of Dry Yeast Preparation method: Knead the dough (Boho) very good in an 18L Bucket for a few minutes. The dough should be sticky. After kneading, pour on top of the dough (Into the Bucket) another glass of water and close well. Let it sit for 4 days. On the fourth day, open the Bucket cover and drain the upper liquid gently. After removing the liquids, mix very well. In a small pot boil 2 cups water, While you wait, take one ladle of staring (dough) and stir with a ladle of water (the water taken from the water of the pot) to dilute the staring (do this for to prevent lumps). Once the water boils, Add the diluted mixture into the small pot as you stir. As you stir the mixture in the small pot, continue to stir. Don’t stop. After 20 minutes cool the mixture to a level that can be put in the finger. When the mixture has cooled, add it into the staring (dough) and mix it very well and add half a cup of water and continue to mix until the mixture consumed the water in. keep staring then added another half a glass of water just on the top and leave it closed for the night. On the fifth day you open the top bucket cover and drain the mixture liquids. Mix well and good. If the mixture is not thin enough, add a half cup of water and mix very well. (If you work with a frying pan then pour into the pan and cook if that Magog same thing.) Pour the required amount into the pan (Or electric Pan) and let it cook. As soon as 80% of the Injera “Eyes” have opened, close the pan and wait 30/40 seconds, then open and take the Injera out. Bon appetite.

The Ultimate ETHIOPIAN FOOD TOUR - Street Food and Restaurants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!

►Go Addis Tours: ►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: ►T-shirts and caps available now: Thank you to Go Addis Tours ( for taking me on this amazing ultimate food and market tour of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of my favorite countries in the world for food and travel, and this was my second time to visit, and I was eager to explore and eat as much as possible. We started early, 5 am in the morning and Go Addis Tours picked me up to start at the wholesale market. Even though the city is still sleeping, Addis Mercato is buzzing from 3 am when trucks full of produce from all over Ethiopia, sell them at the market in Addis Ababa. You’ll find all the ingredients, and massive amounts, that you need to cooking Ethiopian food. It was a good warm up, to get to know some of the ingredients, before starting the day eating Ethiopian food. We had coffee, and breakfast, both of which were excellent. Later after visiting another market, Dessie took me to his neighborhood to eat shiro wat, one of the greatest of all Ethiopian foods, a thick and rich chickpea stew. I’ve had shiro wat many times before, but never have I seen it fully prepared right in front of me. The shiro was incredibly good, piled onto a bed of injera, and we also ordered fir fir, a mashup of injera, simmered with tomato sauce and berbere. Next we headed to a fish restaurant in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is landlocked, so all fish is freshwater. We ordered fried fish, and asa lebleb, a mixture of fish sauteed with spices and herbs. Both were excellent, but the asa lebleb was the highlight because it was so flavorful. Next Ethiopian food meal we went to one of the longtime classic restaurants to eat one of the best platters of beyaynetu in Addis Ababa. Beyaynetu is a mix of vegetarian dishes. It was again, a delicious meal, I especially love the tomato salad there. For our final meal of the day, and to finish off this extreme Ethiopian food tour, we went to one of the most well known and best quality meat restaurants in Addis Ababa to eat tere siga - raw meat. You are served a variety of chunks of raw beef, delicately sliced. Then you slice it into bite sized pieces on your own, wrap in injera, and dip into chili sauce before taking a bite. It’s awesome. The fried meat version is also very good. This was an amazing day, and an amazing Ethiopian food tour in Addis Ababa. Thank you Go Addis Tours! If you visit Addis Ababa, check out Go Addis Tours: Hotel I stayed at in Addis Ababa: MUSIC: ***CAMERA GEAR*** I used to make this video (these are affiliate links): Main camera: Main lens: 2nd lens: Microphone: Drone: I would love to connect with you! Instagram: Facebook:

ملوي الطنجرة بدون دلك او مجهود سهل جدا مورق هشيش و خفيف مع طريقة لفه السهلة راااائع...

●أذا أعجبك الفيديو لا تنسي أن تشاركيه مع صديقاتك و تشتركي في قناتي ●المقادير : نصف كيلو طحين ابيض نصف ملعقة صغيرة ملح ماء بارد لجمع العجين كوب كبير زيت و ملعقة كبيرة ممتلئة زبدة مذابة القليل من الفينو"دقيق القمح الصلب" او السميد الناعم الطريقة : يجمع العجين مع الملح و الماء العادي حتى تتكون عجينة لينة ليست صلبة ثم تترك بدون دلك مدة ساعتين في طنجرة بعد مرور ساعتين تجمع باليد ونحصل على عجين متماسك ومطاطي يشكل كويرات تدهن بالزيت وتترك نرتاح مدة 10 دقائق ثم تفرد بالزيت و الزبدة رقيقة جدا شبه شفافة ترش بالسميد الناعم و الزيت و الزبدة و تقطع بسكين البيتزا شرائط رقيقة و ترش كذلك بخليط الزيت و الزبدة وتلف على اليد . نفس الطريقة للكريات الأخرى. تم نأخد أول حبة نضغط عليها على شكل دائري وتطهى في مقلاة مدهونة بالزيت من الجهتين على نار هادئة. ******* مسمنة كبيرة في الفرن مورقة هشيشة سهلة التحضير رغيفة / مسمنة كبيرة في الفرن مورقة و خفيفة و سهلة التحضير مسمنة كبيرة مورقة و هشيشة بزاااااف بمذاق رااااااائع سهلة التحضير ●المزيد من الوصفات على قتاني باليوتوب في هذا الرابط : ●لا تنسوا متابعتي على جميع حساباتي : ●رابط حسابي الشخصي على F A C E B O O K F A C E B O O K → I N S T A G R A M → S N A P C H A T → amal.kantri

27. Kitcha (Tigrinya)

This is how I make Injera. Make sure all of the water that goes into this is warm- not too hot not too cold. this process of fermentation takes 5 days in total but nutritiously filling!

In the video I put the salt and baking powder while fermenting. I've been getting a lot of spiteful comments that this should not be done this way, so I tried putting the salt and baking powder in right before cooking and it works so much better. Thanks for the tips even though they have been quite mean. I like to put salt in things because it brings out the flavor and the baking powder helps it rise. Though, I must say this can give you a start on how it should be done, It's not perfect but it's still good.

I make a Berbere spiced lentil curry to go along with this- the recipe is in the description! Enjoy.

Injera bread:
1/4 tsp Active dry yeast
1 Cup Warm Water
2 cups Teff Flour
-----let above ingredients sit for 3 days----
1 cup Barley Flour
~2 cups Warm Water
-----Let Above ingredients sit for another 2 days-----
1/2 tsp Salt ( in 12floz of injera batter)
1/16 tsp Baking powder ( in 12floz of injera batter)
-----Add above ingredients just before cooking-----

Berbere lentil Curry:
1/2 Onion, dice
2 cloves garlic, minced
Roasted spicy and sweet peppers ;)
600g Concasse tomato
2 tsp Berbere Seasoning
2 tsp Salt
--------Reduce above ingredients by half---------
1 cup dry lentils, Soaked overnight
1 cup vegetable stock
------Add above ingredients and cook until lentils are tender ~30 min---
2:2 tbsp arrowroot: water slurry
----- Add slurry at the end-------

Get creative and eat this with whatever you want really! :)

Music: Kevin Macleod- African


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