Roblox Egg Hunt 2018: How to get the Stained Glass Egg

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HOW TO GET THE STAINED GLASS EGG!! *All 8 Fragments & Dominus Tutorial* (ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2018 Event)

Today I will show you how to get the super secret STAINED GLASS EGG for the Roblox EGG HUNT 2018!! Collect the 8 fragments & unlock the Dominus Gate!! Hit that LIKE button if you want more EGG HUNT 2018! :D TIMESTAMPS FOR EACH FRAGMENT: 2:48 - Wonderland Grove - Binary Carrot Farm 6:29 - Wonderland Grove - Dancing Atop The Blue House 8:10 - Easterbury Canals - Dialing The Right Number 10:21 - Easterbury Canals - Boating Under The Arches 12:15 - Hardboiled City - Secret Window in Capon Yards 14:30 - Festival of Eggs - Flying Through The 4 Attractions 16:13 - Ruins of Wookong - 5 Secrets Of The Village 17:44 - The Undernest - Atop The Highest Leaf 20:05 - Merlin's Swamp - Unlocking The Dominus Door TwiistedPandora Fan Group: The Crew Fan Group: Subscribe: Twitter: Official Shirt: Official Pants: Game: \\ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: ~ Stay Snazzy, Twisties! ~

INSANE Jewelry Store NOCLIP GLITCH *NO HACKS* | Roblox Jailbreak Myth Busting

How to enter jewelry store without crouching bypass camping cops, fit vehicles in bank vault and get cash at same time testing myths My Discord: Intro Music: Jim Yosef - Link [NCS Release] Outro music: Kasger - Reflections [NCS Release] My Channel: Twitter: Jailbreak Discord: Roblox group:


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WE GOT THE GOLDEN WINGS OF PATHFINDER! - Finishing Roblox's Ready Player One Event

WE GOT THE GOLDEN WINGS OF PATHFINDER! - Finishing Roblox's Ready Player One Event W:7.5 - Most of the answers: A: Gregarious Simulation Systems. Packages not on Roblox A: Mr Mania. Who was not a member of the High Five A: Anorak. Name of Wade Watt's Home A: The Stacks. Creator of the Oasis: A: James Halliday. Creator of Roblox A: David Baszucki. What the creator of the Oasis left behind for the players A: An Easter Egg. Color of the three keys in RPO A: Copper, Jade, Crystal. Where Did Jame's Halliday Work Before? A: Unknown Answer... How Many Creations Are On Roblox? A: Unknown Answer. Which Genre is NOT in Roblox? A: Fantasy. What Was The First Multiplayer Game? A: Crossroads. What is the Purpose of the Oology Division? A: To Seize Control of Roblox. Which Female Actress Played in RPO? A: Olivia. Which Actor Starred in RPO? A: Tye Sheridan. Which Game Wasn't Referenced in RPO? A: Paperboy. What was Wade Owen Watts avatar name? A: Parzival. Which Roblox Game Reached 1B visits first? A: Meepcity. Who Directed RPO? A: Steven Spielberg. When Was Crossroads Released? A: 2007. How Logo Changes Did Roblox Have? A: 5. When Will RPO be in Theaters in the US? A: March 29th, 2018. Where Does Anorak's Avatar Reside? A: Castle Anorak. What Are The First Words Seen After entering the Oasis? A: Welcome. What Was The Dark Cube Called in the Chronicles of Roblox? A: 2-by-2. Who Was Roblox's Co-Founder? A: Erik Cassel. How Much Do OBC Players Recieve Daily? A: 60. When Was Oculus Rift Introduced to Roblox? A: 2017. When Was Roblox Released to PC? A: 2005. What Was Roblox's First April Fool's Joke? A: Roblox Was Bought By Google. What Was The Name Of Halliday's Journal? A: Anorak's Almanac. What Was Roblox's Initial Name? A: DynaBlocks. What Was Anorak's Fortune? A: $240 Billion. When Was DevEx Released? A: 2013. Who Was The 10,000th ROBLOX user? A: Destroyman. Who Was RPO's Author? A: Ernest Cline. Who Was IOI's Ceo? A: Nolan Sorrento. What Was Nolan Sorrento ID? A: IOI-655321. What Are Hunter's Nicknames? A: Gunters. What Were IOI's People's Nickname? A: Sixers. What is Roblox Also Known As? A: Imagination Platform. What Year Did The Oasis Take Place? A: 2044. What Did The Bloxys Award People For First? A: Videos. What does the letter "I" stand for in OASIS? A: Immersive. What is David Baszucki's Username on Roblox? A: Buiilderman. What Was The First Roblox Game? A: Brick Battle. Hello, fellow knights! Today we get through the insanely hard obby to answer the insanely hard question.. We did it. Twitter: Facebook: Google+: The outro song is by Swedish House Mafia. Here's their original song. It's called "Save the World" The instrumental version:' Egg Hunt: Egg Hunt Description: Note: Fifteam Egg will be released at a later time. A year following the defeat of the chaotic Dr. Deville d'Egg, an ominous threat breaks free from its eternal prison in an attempt to destroy the Eggverse. Open the mythical Eggcyclopedia and journey through unique open worlds, complete various tasks, all whilst being accompanied by your trusty companion, Booker. Will you save the world, or will its fate rest in Lord Aymor's talons? With 45 new eggs for you to discover, welcome to Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales! Available on: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Tablet, Mobile (Android and iOS). Includes cross platform gameplay and language support for both English and Spanish. Developed by Fifteam: AlgyLacey, Aotrou, BSlickMusic, Beeism, Builder_Boy, buildthomas, BusyCityGuy, Lunya, FutureWebsiteOwner, InsanelyLuke, KrixYaz, PeteyK473, SmoothBlockModel, The_Frame, woot3, and Younite. Tags roblox,golden wings of the pathfinder,ready player one,roblox ready player one,chickenman questions,dominus questions,ready player one obby,roblox ready player one event,roblox ready player one chicken questions,roblox chicken questions,how to complete ready player one obby,how to complete egg hunt obby,roblox ready player one quiz,roblox ready player one wings,location,roblox event,roblox egg hunt 2018,tutorial,easter,fairytales,roblox egg hunt,egg hunt roblox


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Hi guys, I finally got around to getting the Stained Glass Egg! Yes it took me a minute to put the fragments on the door, but that's only because I was double and triple checking the color combination....if you put your fragments on the door in the wrong order AND click on the door, you will lose them and have to get them again! Anyway, enjoy! Thanks guys! (more)

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