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THE BEST Homemade Teriyaki Sauce | Easy Japanese Recipe

This homemade teriyaki sauce takes less than 5 minutes, much cheaper than commercial sauces, contains less than A THIRD of the sugar of commercial sauces and tastes much, much better to boot. If there's one super-versatile must-have sauce you need to make, it's this. The full recipe and conversions:

親子丼(卵二度入れ)Oyako-don,a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs.

親子丼の作り方動画です。 English subtitles added (2015,04,23) サイコロに切ったさつま揚げで旨さアップ!卵は2度入れでとろとろにしています。親子丼専用の鍋が無いので、直径17cmの小さなフライパンで作ってます。丼に具を一気に移すのがコツです。詳しくはブログをご覧ください。

Dining with the Chef - Authentic Japanese Cooking / Oyako-don: Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl [1080p]

Today's recipe: (1) Oyako-don: Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl (2) Salmon and Roe Rice Bowl. Why not learn Japanese food culture and try real Japanese dishes at your home!

How to Make Okonomiyaki | Easy Japanese Cooking | Recipe

The phenomenally popular okonomiyaki is often called a "Japanese pancake" but it really isn't a pancake at all. A kind of cabbage fritter, it is considered the soul food of Osaka and it's very easy to make. Here's the full recipe:

香煎滑嫩親子丼做法/ oyako don《MASAの料理ABC》

MASAの料理ABC the VIDEO-season1-EP2 香煎滑嫩親子丼 ~こんがりふわとろ親子丼〜 [ 1人份 ] 雞腿肉 Chicken thigh—1片 洋蔥 Onion---1/8個 蔥 Green onion—1/2支 [ Don 飯醬汁 ] 日式高湯 Dashi—80cc *做法請參考這裡連結 醬油 Soy sauce---20cc 味淋 Mirin—20cc 白飯---1碗 雞蛋 Egg---2個 海苔絲 Shredded nori—少許 七味粉 Nanami powder—少許 [ 做法 ] 1. 把洋蔥切薄片。 2. 蔥的白色的部分斜切。 3. 蔥綠色的部分切短後,切開,疊起來,切絲。放入冰水。 *這個是裝飾用的,直接切成蔥花也OK喔~! 4. 把雞腿肉厚的部位切開,調整厚度。 5. 平底鍋開中火,雞腿肉皮面朝下放入鍋內。煎到金黃色。 *不用翻面。 6. 煎好的雞肉拿出來切成小塊。 7. 高湯,醬油,味淋混在一起。 *可以參考的比率是 『 高湯:醬油:味淋=4:1:1 』 *當然可以自己微調整到喜歡的口味喔~! 8. 醬汁倒入平底鍋裡面。加入洋蔥&白色的部分的蔥。小火煮到洋蔥軟。 9. 雞肉把還沒熟的肉的部分朝下放入鍋子裡。小火繼續煮到雞肉熟(大概2~3分鐘) 10. 兩個雞蛋攪拌一下後,先鍋內倒入大概一半的蛋汁。 *雞蛋的數量可以自己決定喔~! 11. 煮到蛋汁喜歡的熟度後白飯裝好的碗裡面滑下去。 12. 上面裝蔥絲,七味粉,海苔絲。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *食譜網站 *食譜書 *鍋具:BEKA Titan 單柄平底鍋 20cm *砧板:W2 WOOD X WORK *BGM:甘茶の音楽工房

Here's another recipe to make with your homemade teriyaki sauce, and it might be one of the most popular Japanese recipes of all time.

Oyakodon is a rice bowl of chicken and egg cooked with onion in a sweet soy-based sauce. It's really simple to make, particularly if you have your homemade teriyaki sauce ready.

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