How to Make Cupcakes with Delicious Cupcake Recipes : Creaming the Butter

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Creaming butter and sugar

Amanda in the Dairy Kitchen shows you how to perfectly cream butter and sugar for delicious baking treats. This detailed "How to" video includes tips on everything from the temperature of the butter to the texture of the finished product and lots more! For The Dairy Kitchen recipes go to: or follow on facebook

How To Make Fudge - Part 3 - Creaming The Fudge

This step takes a lot of work - it is called creaming the fudge.

Simple plain cake (Rub-in method)

This is a very plain cake using a rub-in method making it fairly easy to make and bake without getting your arms tired with creaming. Without a cake mixer in your home or business you can still make tasty cakes using other methods of baking. I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something today. Thank you all and God bless you all RECIPE 2 Cups sifted all purpose flour or soft flour 3/4 cup sugar 1 cup margarine 4 eggs 2 teaspoon baking powder For business email: Follow me on Facebook and Instagram

Creaming butter & sugar - On the Menu Tips WGBY's Simon Stevenson demonstrates the method used to cream butter and sugar.

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How to Make Cupcakes with Delicious Cupcake Recipes
Making Cupcakes has never been Easier. Learn to bake cupcakes for any occasion and apply unique icing techniques!

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