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Dragon Blood Soap | Layered Soap | In-The-Pot Swirl | Drop Swirl | Kilted Suds Soap

This was a fun soap to make!! Made in two separate batches, one with a drop swirl, and one with an in the pot swirl. The top was textured with a fork! Shop Kilted Suds now: - - - - - - - - - - - FIND KILTED SUDS Website ➡️ Facebook ➡️ Instagram ➡️ Pinterest ➡️ Twitter ➡️ - - - - - - - - - - -

Making & Cutting "Rock Star" Cold Process Soap ~ Petals Bath Boutique

get lathered... Informational Site:

Rose Clay Feather Swirl Soap with Hearts on Top

Rose Clay Feather Swirl Cold Process Soap with Hearts on Top. Valentine’s Soap. I used rose clay, a gear tie, and a wooden skewer to create this simple, cold process soap. Filmed in HD. Thanks for watching! :) All Amazon links below are affiliate links In case you’re interested, I have an affiliate store where I’ve listed all of the soap making supplies and materials that I purchase on Amazon: If you use those links to buy anything, it won’t cost you anything extra, but I will receive a very small percentage of the sale. Every little bit helps, though, so thank you very much if you do! :) Remember to always wear safety glasses and gloves when making soap. If you've never made cold process soap before, check out these links: Soap Queen TV - LYE SAFETY: Amanda Aaron of Lovin’ Soap - BEGINNER SERIES: VIDEO TIMELINE: 00:19 - measuring the essential oils & kaolin clay 00:55 - preparing the rose clay 01:11 - adding the lye to the oils 01:33 - adding the essential oils & kaolin clay 01:53 - separating and coloring some soap for the swirl 02:16 - pouring the soap 03:15 - feather swirl using a gear tie 03:40 - creating hearts on top of the soap 04:25 - unmolding and cutting the soap 06:22 - final photos of the cut soap RECIPE: Olive Oil - 30% Coconut Oil - 25% Shea Butter - 20% Cocoa Butter - 8% Avocado Oil - 6% Castor Oil - 6% Sunflower Oil - High Oleic - 5% Superfat - 6% Lye & Water - use a soap calculator like the one at Majestic Mountain Sage: I used a 33% lye solution (water = 2 x lye) If you don’t want to discount your water, use a 31% lye solution (water = 2.2 x lye) Kaolin Clay - 2 teaspoons per pound of oil in recipe Rose Clay for Swirl - mix 3 teaspoons with distilled water (just enough to hydrate the clay). I use 1.5 teaspoons of the hydrated clay per cup of soap. Essential Oil Blend: Lavender - 2 parts Bergamot - 1 part Patchouli - 0.5 parts EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES: My Amazon Affiliate Lists & Links: Glass Beaker with Handle - Gloves - Long Gloves - Goggles - Large Scale - Mini Mixer - Waring Hand Blender - Plastic Funnel Cup - Spatulas - More Spatulas - Batter Bowl 14 Cup main mixing bowl - Digital Thermometer - Soap Mold with liner - Nurture Soap - Wire Soap Cutter - Bud Haffner - Vegetable Peeler for trimming soap - Bamboo Skewers for swirling top - WHERE TO FIND ME ONLINE: YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Website: Instagram: **** MUSIC INFO **** Music by Epidemic Sound (

Making of Minty Fresh Cold Process Soap by Spicy Pinecone

In this video, I show you how I made my "Minty Fresh" cold process soap. If you like this video, please give us a "thumbs up" and click the subscribe button! _______________________________________________________ Find some of the supplies I use/recommend for soapmaking at my Amazon store*: *- The link to my Amazon store is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission for items you purchase there. It's a list of items that I've put together to help with your shopping experience, and using the link doesn't cost you any additional money. 💕 _______________________________________________________ For even more tips, tricks, and previews, be sure to check us out on the platforms below- Website: Etsy: Facebook: Pinterest: Blog: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr: @SpicyPinecone _______________________________________________________

Making Birthday Cake scented soap cake

I am making my first soap cake. It took a week from start to finish, but it was worth it. The new boxes I received that gave me the inspiration for making the cake ended up to small in the end. Oh well, guess I have to try again.

This soap is a variation of one of our most popular soaps! It was made with a healthy dose of Hemp Seed Oil, and a beautiful gray-scale color pallet. Scented with Patchouli essential oil
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