Laccha semai recipe bangla/Bangladeshi recipe/eid special semai.

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Lachha Paratha Bangla Recipe | How To Make Multilayered Porotha In Bengali

Lachha Paratha Bangla Recipe | How To Make Multilayered Porotha In Bengali INGREDIENTS =========== Flour 3 Cup Oil/Ghee 1 Tblspn Sugar 1TableSpn Powder Milk 2TableSpn Salt To Taste Water As the amount of

how to make lachcha shemai dough( english subtitles)

lots of people requested me for english subtitle. here you go. let me kw if you have any question. just comment below. Pheniya / Feniya/

চিংড়ি পিঠা |Chicken keema pitha|Bangladeshi pitha |Pitha recipe bangla |Jhal pitha |Keema pitha |

চিংড়ি পিঠা |Chicken keema pitha |Bangladeshi pitha |Pitha recipe bangla |Jhal pitha |Keema pitha | Assalamualikum Everyone, Welcome to your favorite fnfcooking Channel. Hopefully, you and your family liked my previous recipes. All of my them were easy and simple to follow. All of my viewers have had requested me to do something new and unique recipes. As a result, today, I am going to show you How to make a চিংড়ি পিঠা | Chicken keema pitha |Pitha Recipe Bangla | Bangladeshi pitha |Jhal pitha|Keema pitha| Bangladeshi Snaks Recipe|| One of my best recipes that ever made. You can make this pitha as your spice choices such as, Fire, Hot or Mild and any type of meat keema such as beef, chicken etc. Its very tasty and delicious. I hope you will enjoy it and do not forget to share with your friends and family. Ingredients: 1st part: 1.Flour 1 cup 2.Baking powder 1 tsp 3.Salt to taste 4.Oil 1 tbsp 5.Water 2nd part: 1.Chicken keema 1 cup 2.Chopped onion 1 cup 3.Oil 2 tbsp 4.Chopped green chili 3-4 pcs 5.Termeric powder ¼ tsp 6.Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp 7.Cumin powder 1 tsp 8. Salt to taste 9.Bayleave 1 pcs 10.Cardamom 2-3 pcs 11.Cinamom steak 2 pcs 12.Chopped tomato 1 pcs Moreover,if you like my recipe then please subscribe my channel and share with your friends and famely.Thanks for watching…. Here is my other recipes and social media links: আলু কিমা টিকিয়া | kabab recipe Bangla|Chicken keema tikka kabab | Chicken kutlet | Kabab Bangla | ওমানি চিকেন | Chicken Bhuna | Bangladeshi Bhuna Chicken Recipe | Omani Chicken | Chicken Vuna মাংসের কিমা পিঠা | Pitha Recipe Bangla | Circle Spicey Pitha | Meat Keema Pitha | Bangladeshi Pitha তুরকী জিলাবি মুসাব্বাক | Jilapi | Bangla Shahi Jilabi | instant jelabi Recipe Bangla চকো কাপ আইসক্রীম | Ice Cream Recipe Bangla | How to make Bangladeshi Ice Cream | Choko Cup Icecream Facebook Link

Hate Kata Semai Pitha/Chui Pitha/Chushi Pitha|| Bangladeshi Pitha Recipe||Pitha

নওয়াবি সেমাই/Nawabi Milky Cream Semai/How to Make Special Laccha Semai/Kheer semai/দুধ লাচ্ছা সেমা...

নওয়াবি সেমাই/Nawabi Milky Cream Semai/How to Make Special Laccha Semai/Kheer semai/দুধ লাচ্ছা সেমাই My Daughter Channel (Kazi Rehnuma Haque): “Nawabi Milky Cream Semai” recipe is very grateful sweets in our Asia Countries. Actually I thik all countries people are like sweets items. This recipe is very special for any occasion as like as Eid, Ramadan,its also special for winter because there are lot of milky and creamy flavour . Which one helps us to keep the body worm. Its also healthy. I think everybody try this wonderful this recipe fry at home. Ingredients: Ghee- 2 table spoon Semai-180gmX2=360gm Suagar-1cup Milk powder 3 table spoon For Cream Milk-1 litter Condensed milk -1cup Dano cream-1/2 cup Milk powder -1/2 cup Corn flour -4 table spoon Nuts Moreover, if you like my recipes then please share with your friends and family. Also share you’re your social Networks. And don’t forget to subscribe my channel. Thank You YT Channel : Facebook Page: Blog: Twitter: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "বোতাম বিস্কুট রেসিপি/Button shape Biscuit Recipe/বেকারী স্টাইল চকলেট ও ভ্যানিলা বিস্কুট রেসিপি" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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