Cabbage, Shrimp, Potato & Bori Mashed Prepared By 20 Women - Healthy & Tasty Village Food Recipe

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Green Banana Gravy Prepared / Cooking By Villagers & Serve To Village Peoples | Tasty Village Foods

Incredible tasty green banana gravy cooking / prepared by village men and women using 250 pieces green banana. About 20 men and women works to cooked banana curry vuna and serve to villagers & children in my village. This is charity foods cooking for village peoples who loved to cook & serve to village children. Green banana gravy curry is very tasty & delicious village foods. It's take so much time to cook banana. First you need to boiled the banana with some salt & yellow powder. Then in hot oil put some Cumin Onion Garlic Pepper chili powder and yellow powder and when it's come to Brown color then put all boiled banana on it and then hit it 10 min then put Cardmom+Cumin powder some on it and then after 5 min it will be done. Check the salt and give more if necessary. This is charity works foods prepared & funding by AroundMeBD channel. We do it for poor villagers and they love our foods & also all children in my village love our charity foods. We have lot of more plan to prepared foods for village peoples. So if you want to be part of this charity foods works then please like share comments on our videos and subscribe our channel. We don't take any donation now. Youtubing is our only funding. Thanks.

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Delicious Carrot Sweet Making - Unique & New Recipe Of Gajor - Tasty Village Style Carrot Sweet

Did you ever seen Carrots farm in village? Do you know how Carrots tree look like? We have collect today fresh Carrots from beautiful green farm of Carrots and 20 women makes very tasty sweets of Carrots. We used 40 KG Carrots to make village style sweet and serve more than 200 Kids and villagers. First they chopped all the Carrots into small small pieces then boiled it for some time. Then all the women pasting the Carrot using traditional mashala pasting tools "Bata" and then cooked the Carrots sweet using milk powder suger and some traditional mashala. At last serve the sweet to all villagers. First time village children and villagers eating Carrots sweet. So today more peoples come than expected. We are sorry that we can't give much amount to all of them. This is very much hard work & time consuming recipe of Carrots. So we can't able to make more as well. But it was tasty food for villagers. This all food arrangement & funding by AroundMeBD channel as their charity work to village peoples. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos.

450 Climbing Perch Fish Cutting & Cooking By 15 Women For Whole Village Peoples

About 450 Pieces of Climbing Perch Fish( 50 KG) cutting, cleaning & cooking by 15+ village women team to feed whole village people. They cooked huge fish curry & rice for villagers. Climbing Perch fish called in Bengali "Koi mach" & koi mach cutting is very tough job and also all the fish were alive. Climbing Perch fish skin remove take lot of time. Though about 15 women started cutting all the fish still it's take about 3 hours to finish cutting and cleaning all the fish. And in the mean time some women prepared all the ingredient & potato and cauliflower. Then women fried all the fish and added all the ingredient and vegetables and finish cooking fish curry. It was really big arrangement and about 300 peoples were coming to eat the food. After finish cooking women serve the food to village peoples. Every kids man and woman got one piece of food and some curry to eat with rice. This food program was arranged & funded by AroundMeBD channel for their charity food work to village peoples. We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos. You can like our facebook page to see some unseen picture of daily event.

Big Squid!! Delicious Cooking Squid with Tomato / Eating Squid

Hello everyone, today I show you "Delicious Cooking Squid with Tomato". +++ Ingredient: - Squid - Tomato - Bell Pepper - Shallot - Green Onion - Chili - Garlic - Soybean Oil - Chicken Powder - Sugar - Salt - Soy Sauce - Oyster Sauce - Chili Sauce I hope everyone like this video. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day.

About 35 pieces cabbage or 80 KG cabbage & 6 KG shrimp and 20 KG potato and traditional Bori mashed prepared by 20 village women to feed 200+ kids & village women.

This is very tasty & healthy village food item and traditional wa of making cabbage mashed with patato shrimp & traditional Bori.

We have Bori making recipe if you want to know what is Bori actually.

About 20 women first cut all the cabbage & potato very small pieces and clean all the shrimp fish.

Then start cooking it together. All the village children were playing around the beautiful Bengali village nature while women were cooking.

This all food arrange & funding by AroundMeBD channel as their charity work to village kids and villagers for good food serving. We never take any funding from any organization or any person. This is just this youtube channel work.

Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much to watch our videos.

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