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Digital Painting Basics - Painting the Eye (15min)

A painting tutorial shows the basic steps to create a realistic eye.

10 Mistakes Every Beginner Digital Artists make! [Voice-over tutorial]

Please consider supporting @ ! Want to improve? Here are the 10 mistakes that I caught myself making as an beginner, and they're the things that I fixed to improve :) Please let me know what you guys think in the comments below! I hope this helps~ Also I understand mistake is kind of a strong word. Not trying to offend anyone here, just trying to share what helped me ^^ My deviantART: My FB: My Tumblr: My website: Programs used: -Paint tool SAI -Wacom Intuos Tablet -HyperCam -Windows Live Movie Maker

How to coloring eyes (sketchbook mobile android)

architectural rendering in sketchbook pro, from start to finish

This is my first time doing full-fledged architectural drawing solely using autodesk's sketchbook pro. I used mr. Anique Azar's behance portfolio as my reference image. link to Anique Azhar's original image on Behance: My impression of using sketchbook pro as architectural drawing software: • pencil tool's extremely robust •copic marker preset is quite nice, saves you time on tweaking brush settings in photoshop • it is better to scan linework in, and using sketchbook pro for the colouring

GlowForge Pro: Unboxing, Setup and First Print

Limited time only $500 off a Pro, use the code GlowForge Pro unboxing and setup, Filmed with a headcam, Less than 30 min form unboxing to first print. The 2 year wait was totaly worth it. This is a solid machine! I'm loving it!!! Get $100 off your Glowforge! Visit

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