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El nuevo dispositivo de LG fue anunciado menos de una mes después del LG G7 ThinQ y combina lo mejor de los últimos tres teléfonos insignia de la empresa - excepto su precio. Abrimos su caja para ver qué trae por dentro. Visita CNET en Español:

Learn basic functions, like powering off or on, for the LG V35 ThinQ. Learn more at:

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How to Do Basic Functions on Your LG V35 ThinQ | AT&T Wireless

Device Overview: Device Layout.
To put the screen to sleep, press the Power Lock button located on the back of the device.
To wake the device, press the Power Lock button again.
Swipe to unlock the device.
Press the Up or Down Volume buttons on the left side of the device to adjust the volume.
Select the Back key to return to the previous screen.
Select the Recent Apps key to view recently used apps.
Select the Home key to return to the Home Screen at any time.
Gestures & Motions: Use Gestures & Motions to easily and quickly perform actions on your phone.
You can easily silence an incoming call by flipping the device over, or answer an incoming call by bringing the phone to your ear.
To enable or disable these gestures, from the Home Screen, swipe down from the notification bar, then select the Settings icon.
From the Network tab, select "Call".
Select "Additional settings" then select "Gestures".
Select the desired switch to enable or disable the desired feature.
Use Knock On, double tap the screen to quickly turn the screen on or off.
To turn off Knock On, from the Settings screen, select the General tab, scroll to and select the Knock On switch.

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