Tuna Sashimi Japanese Street Food | تونا ساشيمي ياباني طعام الشارع

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Japanese Street Food - GIANT MACKEREL Okinawa Seafood Japan


Bluefin tuna is one of the most highly prized fish used in Japanese raw fish dishes. About 80% of the caught Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas are consumed in Japan. The fish is renowned for fetching high bids at the first auction of the year in Tokyo's Tsukiji Market. The world’s most expensive fish is the 222-kilogram bluefin tuna that sold for $1.8 Million (155.4 million yen) in January 2017. In this video, a large tuna is separated into sections of differing grades and prepared into a delicious sushi meal. Japanese began eating tuna sushi in the 1840s, when a large catch came into Edo [old Tokyo] one season. A chef marinated a few pieces in soy sauce and served it as nigiri sushi. At that time, these fish were nicknamed shibi — "four days" — because chefs would bury them for four days to mellow their bloody taste.

اللحم المشوي الرائع على فرن الحطب التركي - old way for Grill on firewood oven

اللحم المشوي الرائع فرن الحطب القديم old way for grillen on firewood oven

생참치 해체 117kg_참치 회뜨기_117kg Giant Tuna filleting_Tuna sashimi

발산역 참치왕 양승호 명인의 참다랑어 해체쇼~ 117kg 참치가 7분만에 뼈만남아... A raw bluefin tuna (257 lbs) dismantling show conducted by a master of tuna sashimi in Seoul. A professional chef, Mr. Yang completely seperated the giant tuna bones and steaks in 7 minutes. This fascinating performance was followed by presenting tuna sashimi. Espectáculo de salto de atún rojo - 117 kg de atún solo huesos en 7 minutos ... Прогулка голубого тунца - 117 кг Тунец только кости за 7 минут ... การแสดงทูน่าครีเอทีฟปลาทูน่า - 117kg ปลาทูน่ากระดูกเฉพาะใน 7 นาที ... - 아이온TV -

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