Top 10 best prepaid Debit Cards

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Why Chip Credit Cards Are Still Not Safe From Fraud

Credit card thieves can use a skimming device to swipe data through the cards' magnetic strips.

3 Best Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debit cards seem to be everywhere these days, so how are you to pick one out of many? Here, we round up the three best prepaid debit cards of the bunch: Chase Liquid, American Express Prepaid and Mango. Click the link above to learn more about these three cards.

The Dark Side of Debit Cards

Have you ever wondered how you should answer the question, “debit or credit”? How can store owners have minimum purchases and offer cash discounts? In this video we discuss the pros and cons of debit cards vs. credit cards. When researching this video we found the history of the “debit signature” fascinating, so we go off on a tangent. We finish by explaining the difference between running a debit card as credit and using a credit card. Hope you enjoy :) Sign up for monthly income, expenses, and net worth reports! Check out our blog: Follow us: Research Links:

10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers

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Should I Use Prepaid Debit Cards For Travel?

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#1 UPside Visa:
#2 Walmart MoneyCard MasterCard :
#3 READYdebit Platinum :
#4 ACE Elite Pink :
#5 Vision Premier Visa :
#6 AccountNow Gold :
#7 NetSpend Premier :
#8 Kaiku Visa :
#9 Mango MasterCard :
#10 Green Dot Visa

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