iPhone 4S Overview [Softbank Version]

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Is This The World's Most Indestructible Phone?

Not only did I drop test the new Motorola Droid Turbo 2 but I also gave it a few slams with the good old hammer. Did it survive to tell the story? FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techrax TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techrax INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/techrax

iPHONE 4s softbank unlock GPP

iPHONE 4s softbank unlock GPP version 5.1.1 modem firmware 2.0.12 using smart pinoy sim

iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4

Full iPhone 4S review: http://bit.ly/tSkfdu Apple claims that the iPhone 4S is 2x faster with CPU tasks and 7x faster with graphics tasks when compared to the original iPhone 4. Is this true? In this video we test that claim by doing four tests: start up speed, opening apps, browsing the web, and gaming.

activate and unlock ios 6 all in one for iphone 4s without original sim card by X-SIM

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Unlock iPhone 4S 5.1.1/5.1/5.0.1/5.0 for Tmobile - Gevey Ultra S GSM & CDMA 2.0.12/2.0.10 Unlock

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Sorry for the shaky camera I was using an iPhone 4 to film this.

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