Alfaham chicken recipe - طريقة تشريح دجاج على الفحم - Chicken Grill Recipe

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alfaham chicken / arabian grilled chicken /arabian alfaham

prepare alfaham chicken in traditional Arabic method. learn how to make the hot and spicy Arabian al faham chicken at home with this recipe. ingredients, whole chicken - 1 (900-1000g) for Arabic masala, fennel seeds - 1tbsp cumin seeds -1tbsp coriander seeds - 1tbsp crushed cinnamon sticks - 1tbsp black pepper corns - 1/2 tbsp. whole red chillies -8 turmeric pdr - 1tsp for alfaham masala, onion -1 small tomato -1/2 of one green chilli -1 ginger - a very small piece garlic - 3 cloves yoghurt -1 tbsp. lime water- half of one lime pepper pdr - 1/2 tsp Arabic masala - 1/2 tsp salt olive oil- 1 tsp

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تتبيلة الدجاج التي يخفيها عنك أصحاب المطاعم

Today, we are going to prepare togther the grilled chickens. We will start with the seasoning. Here, I have three medium onions, then we will add one tomato, three lemon tranches and five garlic cloves. After that, we well add the dry components, we will take the condiments. First, we will add two small spoons of salt, one small spoon of white pepper, one small spoon of spicy or normal parpika as it won't be a problem, one small spoon of ginger and one small spoon of soft cardamom. Then, we will add two big spoons of tomato sauce according to the quality, if its quality is medium, we can add three big spoons. We will add three big spoons of vegetable oil, then we can add some of water. After that, we will use the mixer to grind all the components to form the seasoning. Now, I'll mix them, Now, the sauce became ready, see its density and how it's cohesive, then we can pour it in an plate. This sauce is sufficient for four full chieckens. Now, We will cut the chicken. I had presented before an full episode about cutting the chicken, and I fully explained it slowly, so now I'll do it quickly. We separate it and remove the bones, when you remove the bones that will help you as it became ripe rapidly. And in the same time, the seasoning will penterate to the chieken completely, so you can eat the chicken without any bones as the bones will be reomved. Then, do these cuttings to let the seasoning go through them. We will open the first breast, then here we have the first breast ready, and we can make the second breast in the same way. Of course, I had received many questions about the way of making the grilled chieckens which is putting on skewer and is being sold in the restaurants, its seasoning is very easy as it consists of salt, white pepper and garlic only, and some restaurants add tomato molasses to increase the red color, of course grilling in itself can give red color but they love to make the red color brighter and this is dependent on who is doing it. Now, we have the second breast ready. Now, I'll wash them with water and add to it half cup of white vinegar, then put the chicken to remove its smell. The most important thing is removing anything which may found in the backbone as it has very bad smell. See how to remove it, don't never keep it as it may spoil the seasoning if you kept it. Also, the vinegar setrilizes the chicken and removes any bad smell of it. This step may takes from two to three minutes only so the chicken don't be crumbled. Now, we will seasoning them, as you see, and immerse all of them in the seasoning. You can add the seasoning on it directly, but I prefer to immerse it as the bones are reomved so the seasoning can penterate to all the chicken. I have a special bag for seasoning the cheickens so I'll put all of them in it and add some sauce, then do the same way for the second part. Try to remove any water exists in the chieckens. Regarding the grilled chickens, I told you before about an seasoning which consists of salt, white pepper and garlic, and some people add tomato sauce (tomato molasses) to give stronger and better color. But, those chickens became harder (drier) unlike the chieckens we are making as they are very soft. You can eat our chickens without any sauce bedisdes, but the grilled chickens of the restaurants are dry so they bring besides it some sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup, garlic sauce or rose sauce to make the chickens soft and have a good taste. Here, you can make a garlic sauce beside it. But, as I told you before, you can eat the chickens directly with potatos as the sauce is sufficient and has a good taste. Now, I'll pull the air out of the bags and let them like that. I'll leave them for one full night to absorb the seasoning, as I'll grill them out in the air (in the picnic) so I wanted to share these moments with you. We will leave them now for one full night, and I'll show you the items which may take for a picnic. In this part, I wanted to tell you about an full package of boxes which I bought, It's very good for picnics. As you see the box with all its small boxes inside it, it doesn't take big space in the house or when you are out and it's made of plastic, natural plastic. For example, You can put nuts in this box. And, you can put the sauce or rice here in this box, and here you can put the salad. You have the choice to put what you like in any box, but the idea of the package is very good. Here, you can put nuts or anything you want to take out for the picnic. These are small good boxes, and here you can put spoons, forks and knieves horizontaly, and this box has the same conecpt. See the small sapce which this small package is taking, you can carry it by your hands, also it won't take big space niether in the house nor among the items you are taking for the picnic. Now, we can go for picinc, and I'll show the grilling way.

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ingredients, basmati rice - 4 cups chicken - 1 pepper pdr -1tsp salt water -3cups tomatoes -3 green chillies-4 butter -1tbsp +6tbsp cinnamon -3 small pieces cloves -5 bay leaves -2 onions -3 ginger garlic paste -1+1/2tbsp garam masala pdr -1 tsp salt

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An easy, grilled chicken version of the classic Turkish street food which is usually cooked on a rotating spit. It is perfect served over couscous with yogurt and cucumbers as I did here, or try it with rice pilaf, or on a pita. Other sides that would work are tomatoes, tahini, olives, feta, or hummus. Harissa would also work great to add some spice! Subscribe & Stay connected -

This video explain how to make Al Faham Chicken. Al Faham Chicken Recipe is a popular Arabian grilled chicken prepared with chicken marinated in Arabian spices, vegetables and barbequed in a charcoal grill or oven. Try this middle eastern delicacy Al Faham Chicken. In Arabic it is known as Dajaj Al faham and usually served with Bukhari Rice or Kabsa.

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