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Coffee Soap Made With A Coffee Lye Solution | MO River Soap

*Comments have been disabled on this video. It is mind boggling the amount of people commenting about lye safety that have never made soap (admittedly so) and are obnoxiously giving advice about it. This is only going to lead to confusion for the new soapmaker and causes me concern for the improper information being shared. I don't have the time and energy to continue to moderate the comments on this video. It is your responsibility to research what materials are safe for a lye solution. It is all up to you. For now, I will believe the scientists (chemists and physicists) that tell me that the only safe materials are stainless steel and scientific plastic. (Polypropylene #5 has been said to be safe. Since this video I have decided to only use scientific plastic.) Lye etches glass causing weak spots. Again, do your own research because YOU are responsible for YOU. Hello coffee! I don’t know about you but I love coffee. Using coffee in soap is so fun too! This soap is made using coffee from Black Lab Coffee in Republic, Missouri! We’re going to give this soap another few weeks to cure. Look for it mid-march! *****SHOP OUR PRODUCTS***** *****SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS***** *Instagram: *Facebook Page – make sure to select to ‘get notifications’: *Facebook Group : (This group is not a general soapmaking/wax making/craft group. This group is only for the happenings of MO River Soap.) *Twitter: *****FILMING AND EDITING***** Camera used to film: Sony Cybershot Camera used for images: Nikon D3200 with 50mm lens Video Editing Software: Corel Video Studio Pro Music by Epidemic Sound: *****LEARNING RESOURCES***** Soap Queen: and Soap Crafting by Anne-Marie Faiola: Pure Soapmaking by Anne-Marie Faiola: Amanda Gail/Lovin’ Soap: Simple and Natural Soapmaking by Jan Berry: *****FAQ***** How do I get started in soapmaking? I would recommend starting by arming yourself with knowledge. Educate and then experiment. Be sure to follow all proper safety precautions. A great starting place is the beginner cold process soapmaking series by SoapQueenTV here on YouTube. You can then purchase all the supplies you need at Bramble Berry. Why don't you share your cold process soap recipe? Our recipe is proprietary. We can't give away all our secrets now can we? :-) Where do you buy your oils? We purchase our oils in bulk at Soapers Choice, Jedwards International, or Bramble Berry. Where did you buy your molds? My husband builds all my wood molds. My silicone molds are from various suppliers. Where did you buy your soap cutter? We purchased our soap cutter at Bud’s Woodshop. Where did you buy your soap loaf splitter? Our loaf splitter was purchased from Smith Creek Studio. Where do you buy your soaping containers? My pitchers are from School Masters and my large plastic containers are from Webstaurant Store. Where do you buy your fragrance oils? We purchase our oils from many different suppliers. We don’t have a one-stop-shop for all of our oils. We blend the majority of the fragrances we work with. Where do you buy your colors? We buy our colors at Bramble Berry and Nurture Soap. Where do you buy your packaging materials? We buy our packaging materials at various suppliers including Paper Mart, ULine, Nashville Wraps, and Amazon. Do you give classes? No, I do not offer classes. However, if you need help, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Full Version: You're Grounded Coffee & Cream Cold Process Soap - MO River Soap

This is the full length version of the making and cutting of You're Grounded Coffee & Cream Cold Process Soap. This soap is scented in a decadent blend of fresh roasted coffee, brown sugar, caramel, brown sugar, and cocoa beans. ***Thanks for watching!***

Different oils for making soap- What's the difference?

Please watch: "Are essential oils and fragrance oils toxic? " --~-- Today, I want to discuss the different oils we have at our disposal for making soap. There are different oils for making soap, and each brings a slightly different quality to the finished product. This is pretty much the only online source i use for my base oils at this point: Lye Calculator that we use: Many times, the liquid oils are actually cheaper at your local box store like Sam's or Costco, etc..

Fresh Coffee #3, Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial

This is Fresh Coffee in Melt and Pour Soap. 4 Layer soap 275 grams per layer Full Loaf = 1092 grams soap base Ingredients: Fresh Coffee - Fragrance Oil ( 2% ) Goats Milk Base Crystal Clear Base Loaf Mold Mica Dye ( Skin Safe ) Titanium Dioxide White Liquid Any questions, please post in the comments below. Dean

Simple Homemade Cold Process Soap

Always wanted to make homemade soap? Here's how to start! Step by step instructions for creating a rich lathering, natural soap using coconut, olive, palm and essential oils. Lehman's has been carrying high-quality soapmaking equipment and ingredients for decades. Start here:

This is a re-batch of one of my most popular soaps, French Vanilla Coffee! Made with coffee in place of water, a layer of soap with ground coffee for exfoliation, AND French Vanilla coffee beans on top, because they look and smell divine!!
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