(How To Cook Flavoured Cabbage Rice) "Quick Easy Recipe" - Day 8 Challenge

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how to prepare fried rice, chinese style

how to prepare fried rice, filmed in china, rise prepared by chinese chief cook. it is so simple, anybody can do it.

बनाइये चावल का टेस्टी क्रिस्पी नाश्ता जो बड़ों से लेकर छो...

Today we are making a very tasty and yummy Rice flour recipe that can be served as brunch, breakfast or evening snack with a good dip. Enjoy morning breakfast or as evening snacks you can also make it for tiffin. This is very tasty recipe..........👌👌👌👌 This recipe is from Kerala and is called as "Malabar Rice Pathiri" Thank you for supporting us... Kindly share, like, comment and subscribe to our channel "PAN TO PLATE" for new videos. Share, Support, Subscribe!! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/PANTOPLATE Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pan_to_Plate Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PAN2PLATE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pan_to_plate Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109069158001852301680 Thank you very much for watching my channel.

Preparing Cabbage for Cbg. Rolls.pds.mov

Como hacer ensalada de repollo, rica y fácil receta con salsa

Vamos a ver come hacer ensalada de repollo todo el proceso, con salsa de mayonesa, mostaza, sal, pimienta molida y Nata todo eso lo revolvemos y le agregamos zumo de Naranja. Preparar la salsa mahonesa. Añádele la mostaza, la nata, el zumo de naranja, sal y pimienta molida. Ingredientes: •Col (1/4) •Lombarda (1/4) •Cebolla (1/2) •Zanahoria (1) •Manzana (1/2) •Hojas de hinojo •Salsa mahonesa (200 gr) •Mostaza suave (al gusto) •Nata líquida (50 gr) •Zumo de naranja (50 ml) •Sal •Pimienta negra Preparación: •Corta la col y la lombarda en finísima juliana desechando el tronco. Resérvalas en un bol. •Pela y corta también en juliana muy fina la zanahoria, la cebolla y la manzana. Añádelo todo al bol junto a la col lombarda. •Prepara una salsa mahonesa. Añádele la mostaza, la nata, el zumo de naranja, sal y pimienta molida. •Mézclalo todo para conseguir la salsa. •Mezcla la salsa con la verdura. Prueba por si quieres rectificar algún ingrediente. •Sirve y decora con unas pequeñas hojas de hinojo

How to make Easy Kimchi (막김치)

How to make easy kimchi ("mak kimchi" in Korean). full recipe: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/easy-kimchi/ It's made with small pieces of cabbage that are easier to handle and take less time to prepare.

Boiling reduces the levels of cauliflower compounds, with losses of 20–30% after five minutes, 40–50% after ten minutes, and 75% after thirty minutes.
However, other preparation methods, such as steaming, microwaving, and stir frying, have no significant effect on the compounds.
The very best method for cooking cauliflower seems to be gently sautéing it on the stove top, with a bit of water, broth, lemon juice or a healthy source of fat, which can make its nutrients more absorbable.

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