Making and Cutting of Suds 'N' Buds - Cold Processed Soap by Kilted Suds - Drop Swirl Technique

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Soap making types of oils and bubbles or lather from each type of soap coconut oil soap and canola

In this video I show all of the handwashing so you can see the difference in bubbles. This handwashing showdown comes down to just one blend or two you choose. When you're developing a recipe or making soap, if you're a soap maker or just interested in getting into soup making then this is a good video for you to watch. This video gives you an idea of how a well-balanced recipe can turn out. Each soap recipe will give a different lather. This video shows the differences among several types which are very helpful. HTTPS:// Get the full recipe for Castile and coconut blend with sugar or the canola blend on my etsy shop page Cascade Mountain Soaps this includes the full recipe which has the sugar and corn silk, added aloe and essential oil blends as well as the calculator to price the soaps right. via YouTube Capture

6 Color In The Pot Soap Swirling

Using the In The Pot Method, watch how I swirl 6 colors of soap to create a fun and colorful bar. More information on the soap here:

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Soap Costing for Cold Process and Melt and Pour Soaps

Hi, I have made this video for those people looking at the shop industry as a new business. To know if they can make a living from making and selling soaps either at markets, retail or online. It covers my Cold Process & Melt and Pour base soaps. Please note that these are basic figures and they don't include; My time to create, shipping costs from supplies, dyes, clays, wrapping or anything other then what is listed. These are basic numbers and don't reflect the entire costs - however they cover the main costs. Any questions, please comment below. -Dean Wilson P.S. Also stay until the end of the video and get a quick peak at ( My new service to the soap industry ) All prices in this video are in AUD (Australian Dollars) and all products were purchased in Australia. Other countries may have the same products at different prices.

Making Soap with OATS & HONEY - Cold Process Soap - Use Natural Ingredients to Make Soap & Oat Milk

Making soap with oats and honey. The combination of oats and honey in soap creates a soothing and nourishing treat for the skin. OATS & HONEY is a new soap creation of mine using the cold process soap making method. Cinnamon is used to create a dark brown line detail. No synthetic fragrances or colorants were used, only pure essential oils and other ingredients from nature. How to make soap with honey, oats and cinnamon. Thank you for watching! ~ROBYN~

For the stoner in all of us, our Suds & Buds Cannabis Soap is created using Hemp Seed Oil and the fragrance you would expect any marijuana soap to have!

Natural, vegan-friendly, our handcrafted, cold-process bar soap provides a good giggle, while also enveloping your skin in wonderful natural ingredients. Handcrafted using the finest natural ingredients, our soaps are made using a cold processing technique which transforms distilled water, hemp seed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil into a bar of soap that’s moisturizing, provides a wonderful lather and nourishes your skin.

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