Roblox Shopping Simulator: Item Locations and Level Display Fix!

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The Roller Coaster - AVM Shorts Episode 3

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How to make Custom Wheels | ROBLOX Build A Boat For Treasure

getting trouble placing block on wheel? what you need is just a trapdoors! i make this vid because you cant just put blocks on wheel, it is not detachable. Pepole asking what black button does? It is a headstart so the wheel not stuck :) i use anchored ghost block to make those

How to Get the Rukiryaxe/Shark Axe in Lumber Tycoon 2

-=Description=- Thank you guys so much! Over 3 months, my channel has grew a lot! I want to thank you all, for supporting me and my content. Today I show you how to get the Rukiryaxe/Shark Axe. Hey there, thanks for watching, if you liked this leave a thumbs up, or if you didn't a thumbs down, but please comment and give me feedback so I know where to improve. -=Credits=- NCS for the music I usually use in many of my videos! Thanks Vic

20+ FREE CODES for Mining Simulator 2018! (Legendary Skins, Crates, Coins & More!)

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ROBLOX - How to get free clothes! [2018]

add me on roblox! - ROBLOX - How to get free clothes! welcome to my amazing grand tutorial on "how to get free clothes on roblox" it should be easy to follow and you will soon be on your way to looking like the freshest cool cat on ROBLOX. DISCLAIMER this may not work for you 99.9% of the time *IT IS A RARE GLITCH!!!* builderman would be so mad if he found out. also don't forget to like and subscribe to gman221 and add me on roblox, link above. So the tutorial consists of a few steps, follow along now. first like and subscribe to my youtube channel second go to the catalog on roblox and copy the id of the shirt/clothing you want to acquire third enter my game on roblox here is it - fourth enter the game, are you excited yet? you want to go ahead and entereth into thy amazing green room within thy you will findeth thy little tool of the old gregory (i actually just found it on the explorer in ROBLOX studio LOL) RIGHt, now back to "how to get free clothes on roblox"... geez I get off topic sometimes, so anyway you want to go ahead and pick up the tool ARE YA HANDS SHAKEN KNEES COLD MOMS SPAGHETTI REGRETTI YET? (cringe) okay so u got the tool go ahead and paste in the code that you copied from the clothes that you want to get. now paste it into the roblox chat box. it will show up as tags because roblox is a really really weird company and dont like numbers they must be like illuminarty or something. okay so it shows up as tags that is FINE the glitch is still in progress of loading. so then you want to look at all of the amazing decals that amazing grehg from roblox acquired from the amazing roblox studio explorer you know i fricken hate those kiddies who put viruses in the models... like seriously not all of us can build stuff... meanies. now once you have pasted the code you want to go ahead and alt f4 clothes the game LOL i said clothes instead of close.... wow.... good job greg.... anyway you should be back into the roblox home page now remember that this is the "how to get free clothes on roblox", glitch so pay attention! you want to wait about 1-2 minutes so that the glitch can correctly propogate through the systems of builderman (really cool systems builderman is COOL) and then once the two minutes are over you want to go ahead and go back to your profile, inventory, etc, also make sure you are subscribe i love having new subscribers and friends on roblox add me on roblox. - great! i hope you add me i will accept you (BUSTERS ONLY) sweet so now we are about ninety nine percent done with this long process. If you have gotten this far... I SALUTE you soldier! BIG BANDS IN MY VAULT BANDS! god that song is awesome... BACK TO THE TUTORIAL ON "how to get free clothes on roblox", so then the glitch is done... hahaha sorry for stalling i like to talk a lot. so anyway go ahead and enter your profile, inventory and look closely for the clothing item that you have successfully acquired through my "how to get free clothes on roblox", tutorial. you got it? geez... i was not expecting that... it had a fricken 1% chance of working good job you are GOD OF LUCK YOU ACQUIRED THE GOD KI MUAAHAHHHA now go defeat that G0KU GUY! Anyways thank you for watching my tutorial and subscribing (i hope u did... would be sad if you didnt...) oh yeah and time to quote a legendary roblox person "having the wonderful day of my life..." -jserr a true roblox hero

Hello hello. Very quick video today on Shopping Simulator. I'll show you where some items are if you do any side quests (purse, cd and San toy). Also, I'll show you how to get your current level to display (at least until a fix comes out). Thanks enjoy!

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