Spicy & Tasty Lahori Chicken Haleem | Haleem Recipe | Pakistani

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Shahi Haleem Chef Gulzar

Haleem Recipe by Chef Gulzar

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Motton Jhangiri Karim's Hotel Special youtube pr 1st time dekhiye original Recipe

Mutton Jhangiri Mughlai Recipe Ingredients:- 500gm Muttom 1tsp Salt 3 Bayleaves 6-7 Garlic Cloves 2 Small Onion 1tsp Fennel Seeds 1tsp Coriander Seeds 2 Green Cardamom 2 Cloves 10 Black Pepper 250ml Water 200gm Onions 200gm Tomatoes 4 Cloves 4 Green Cardamom 1 Bayleaves 1 Black Cardamom 2 Pinch Cummin Seeds 1tsp Ginger Paste 1tsp Garlic Paste 1.5tsp Red Chilli Powder 1tsp Coriander Powder 1/2tsp Roasted Cumin 1/4tsp Homemade Garam Masala 1 Pinch Black & White Pepper 1/4tsp Salt 1tsp Sugar

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Ginger Chicken Recipe... (Ingredients) Chicken = 700 g. Dahi = 400 g. Daalchini (Cinnamon Stick) = 3. Cream = 1 small bowl. Hari Elichi (Green Cardamom) = 3. Laung (Cloves) = 3. Lal Mirch Powder (Red Chili Powder) = half tea spoon. Kali Mirch Powder (Black Pepper Powder) = 1 tea spoon. Ginger and Garlic Paste = 2 table spoon. Piyaaz (Onion) = 1 big size. Hara-Dhaniya (Coriander Leaves) = 1 small bowl. Hari Mirch (Green Chilli) = 5-6. Tamatar (Tomatoes) = 1. Adrak (Ginger) = 4 inch pieces. Oil = 1 and half serving spoon. ======-----------------======----------------====== Soya Chaap = https://youtu.be/4AXxr-QNyyU Meva Gond Makhane = https://youtu.be/zDgCoRZRrTI Rajma Recipe = https://youtu.be/9kLS9QjRVLU Zingy Parcel = https://youtu.be/TWGiW10hGj8 Zafrani Pulao Recipe = https://youtu.be/JmUH6W1AuAQ Harira, Path or Achwani = https://youtu.be/WuQok11KvkE Chicken Vegetable Cheese Sandwich = https://youtu.be/cyoz2zjxnog Chane ki Dal Piyaz = https://youtu.be/KSCdz1zOnAc Chicken Frankie Rolls = https://youtu.be/ryg-klhy5Fc Aloo Korma = https://youtu.be/iVti1E-gMJ4 Aloo Matar Keema Recipe = https://youtu.be/ie9jlIFCu34 Lababdar Ande = https://youtu.be/S_Jl2_ThjO8 Masala Paneer | Dhaba Style = https://youtu.be/OxYadoubss0 Mutton Gobhi Gosht = https://youtu.be/vkilltJXPs0 KFC Style Chicken Fry Recipe = https://youtu.be/gDwR-uL3M_M Sugar ka Nuskha = https://youtu.be/p7KUH8ZPloo Aloo Palak Recipe = https://youtu.be/snHbJ4WTdxE Shurve Wali Kale Chole = https://youtu.be/dPVqm5f3tRk Chicken Tandoori Bread Roll = https://youtu.be/2WETHbdfRBE Kofta Recipe = https://youtu.be/R8xdyXApCh4 Chicken Keema = https://youtu.be/oEs0wMq3dSM Methi Aloo Ki Sabzi = https://youtu.be/LbnACOR3HrA Ande ka Korma = https://youtu.be/rEaZqYzZbzA Aal ki Piyaaz Aloo ki Sabzi = https://youtu.be/UV3dOQfZvF4 Methi Chicken Masala = https://youtu.be/T_ygFj20Dm8 Gawar ki Phali =https://youtu.be/vovCTHbxOI0 Chicken 65 Recipe = https://youtu.be/FmATETj17AY Ruz Bukhari Arabian Recipe = https://youtu.be/j-i1xcDjvoY McDonald's Style French Fries = https://youtu.be/baIL4FKXIDo Chicken Bukhara Masala Recipe = https://youtu.be/M5D5f-gipJQ Veg Machurian = https://youtu.be/0rSnYeVUu_A Guar ki Phali Keema Recipe = https://youtu.be/GNM67DA1Q88 Sweet Nariyal Paratha = https://youtu.be/Vx7FtF91jyU Khadi Masoor ki Dal Keema Pulao = https://youtu.be/xVWZcBWR-tU Khadi Masoor ki Dal = https://youtu.be/G0XMFO1Vu7c Beginners Recipe | Khichdi Recipe = https://youtu.be/ODWoU5dHSJU Kamar Dard Nuskha = https://youtu.be/rDoQG880QZU Mango Ice-Cream = https://youtu.be/uKO6pDT8ouA Chicken Tikka = https://youtu.be/091h4nm6cbg Meetha Daliya = https://youtu.be/smUintDckQ0 Parwal ki Sabzi = https://youtu.be/fR2hPSXco6E Fried Mirch Karonda Recipe = https://youtu.be/WcYS_4DWKtw Aloo Tamatar ki Gravy = https://youtu.be/6mtwIlB4tSA Lahori Chicken Chole = https://youtu.be/YrL_gtdJi9M Mitha Daleem Recipe = https://youtu.be/nl8s_wxK4v0 Daleem = https://youtu.be/tU7TZyu78-U Chilli Potato Recipe = https://youtu.be/RZW7QDf4i48 Muharram Special Doodh ka Sharbat = https://youtu.be/SJQX7lNECpw Thanks For Watching... Don't forget to Share and Hit the Like button. For more videos in future Click on Subscribe.

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Shahi Haleem khas – Recipes in Urdu & English
Haleem Recipe | Beef & Chicken Haleem Recipes
Chicken Haleem Recipe in Urdu - How to cook haleem
Chicken Haleem - Professional Haleem Recipe at Home
Shahi Haleem Recipe | CHICKEN HALEEM | | How To Make Murgh Haleem Recipe

500g Chicken
1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste
Salt to taste
1 tsps. Full red chili powder
1/2 tbsp. Mixture of spices (Garam Masala)
1 tbsp. Dried Coriander leafs
1/2 tbsp Turmeric Powder (Haldi)
Green chili papper
3 Onion
2 chop Tomatoes
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