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How to Make Hot Process Soap - Step by Step

How to make Hot Process soap with Bonnie G from Recipe: 25.6oz Olive Oil (I am using extra virgin but you may use pomace olive oil or another grade of olive oil. Be sure it is not an olive/canola blend as this will change the lye required.) 6.4oz Coconut Oil 11oz Distilled Water 4.4oz Lye, 99% pure 1oz Mango butter 1.5oz fragrance and/or essential (blend) 3ml diluted lab color (optional) After the soap is cut, allow it to air out for a few days. Hot process soap does not require several weeks of cure time like cold process. Supplies & Cool Soap Making Tools mentioned and used in this video: Lye for Soap Making & Soap Making Supplies: Amazon: Silicone baking cups: Infrared Thermometer gun with laser beam: Bramble berry carries the mango butter, orange sherbert color and crinkle cutter used in this video: Stick Blender: Music by Dan O from License: Track Used: affiliate disclosure

Chocolate Cake Soap | Cold Process Soap by Kilted Suds | Confetti Soap | Divided Pour

Such a fun soap to make, using combined techniques! The center is a confetti soap, surrounded by white "icing" on the cake! Shop our available products now: - - - - - - - - - - - FIND KILTED SUDS Website ➡️ Facebook ➡️ Instagram ➡️ Pinterest ➡️ Twitter ➡️ - - - - - - - - - - -

Making Soap with Fresh Cucumber

Thank you all for watching. If you are interested in purchasing any of my soaps or body care products please join my Facebook Group! This is where you can keep up with all things i am making and when i will release my soaps for sale. Please join my facebook group for great supplies and Free recipes. You can also head straight over to my website to purchase soap making supplies along with supplies for lotions, bath bombs and all your bath and body care products. Free Recipe: 5% Castor Oil 10% Cocoa Butter 20% Coconut Oil 55% Olive Oil 10% Shea Butter Additives: (optional) 5% Cream (Subtract from water amount) 1 TBSP each per lb of oils Kaolin Clay Colloidal Oatmeal Goat Milk Powder Tussah silk for lye solution (small cotton ball size) 1 teaspoon of color per lb of soap Hope you enjoy and happy soaping!!

Making CP Cucumber Soap

This soap is one of my all time favorite soaps, not so much to make but to use. I just love the creamy silky feel to it. I add in the peels to give it a light exfoliation but you can really hardly feel them. When they are ready I will have them listed in my shops!

Making All Natural Fresh Cucumber Soap by Skinpassion Cucumber has lots of skin benefits. Its moisturizing properties makes your skin fresh and supple. Cucumber promotes skin elasticity and skin tone.. It i also promotes hydration of the skin. Cucumber is loaded with Vitamin C which is very important for the skin. We now sell on Etsy.

The second soap in the Spa Collection is our ever popular Cucumber Facial soap! It has had a total makeover, and is happy to join this collection!
Made by pureeing and freezing fresh cucumber, this soap smells fantastic, and is wonderful for cleaning your face, or anywhere else!
Colored with French Green Clay, Spirulina, and Chlorophyll.

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