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One way to use a seizing fragrance oil in soap.

I always try and find a way to use up the seizing fragrances I have, auntie claras blog about modelling clay inspired me to try this method, I also made the stained glass soap a few months back with a seizing fragrance. where there's a will. there's a way... check some of her work on the link below.

How to Make Cold Process Soap: Using Fragrances, Episode 3

Be Safe! Watch the first video in this series "Lye Safety and Ingredients" Before attempting to make the soap demonstrated in this video. While you're at it - maybe you should watch the second video "Basic Terms" so you are fully prepared to make a successful batch of CP soap. In this episode of Soap Queen TV learn what terms like Ricing, Seizing and Acceleration mean. This is the third episode in our How to Make Cold Process Soap series and it's all about how to use fragrances and essential oils in your CP soap and what to watch out for. All supplies shown in this video can be purchased at For more tutorials, tips and tricks and business advice, visit our blog: For soapmaking supplies, visit our website:

COCOA BUTTER CASHMERE ~ Making & Cutting of Cold Process Soap

This scent is as sophisticated as it is warm and cozy~ Thank you for watching, and if you've enjoyed this video please consider subscribing to this channel. You may find me at Ladybug Lane Soaps on Facebook where these soaps may be purchased.

Soap Making at Moon River Soap Company

Michigan Honey Oatmeal Soap for sensitive skin being made Downtown Rochester Michigan by soap maker Carlos.

Homemade Glycerin Soap Recipe (From Scratch)

Full recipe and instructions at: Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this homemade glycerin soap recipe makes a hard bar of soap that lathers nicely while gently cleansing and moisturizing your skin.

Even experienced soapers have bad days... And I feel like so many of us forget to share our failures! So here's my most recent disaster, a batch of Sandalwood soap that seized so badly, it turned into a solid block in less than a minute. I added some heat to encourage gel phase to begin, and as the soap naturally softened, I quickly smashed it into the molds. A quick mica drizzle on top, and she was good to go.
The end bars look really nice (much to my surprise), and to the untrained eye, you would probably never know this was not my intended design!
Tell me all about your most recent soaping failure below!

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