Frozen FRUIT CUPS Recipe!

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Hi! You can make these with your children to have on those hot spring/summer days when they want something cold. ALSO, it's MUCH cheaper than buying snow cones. AND, if you are looking for a home business for this summer, this is a way to make a few extra bucks. I was able to purchase 8 packs of koolaid for $1. Dominoes sugar for $1.99. Cups $1 at the Dollar Store. If you are a stay-at-home mom, this could be a way to help teach your kids money-handling skills, even if they have to spend their own allowance to purchase your store items. We sold snacks as children; and, I had my first home business selling frozen cups, lil Debbie snacks and pickles. That's how I purchased my first car! LOL!!! Times aren't the same, though. So, be careful if you choose to sell to someone you don't know. Love you guys! Be careful out there!!!

How It's Made - Frozen Fruit

Come and see how Dole Foods in Atwater creates the best frozen fruit in the world.

TRAFFIC LIGHT POPSICLE - Ice lolly - healthy kids frozen fruit ice block pop with strawberry

TRAFFIC LIGHT POPSICLE - Ice lolly - healthy kids frozen fruit ice block pop - kids in the kitchen. ❤️ Disney video 1 - Princess treasure hunt! ❤️ Disney video 2 - our first day at Disneyland! ❤️ Disney video 3 - our 2nd day at Disneyland - ❤️ Disney video 4 - Epic Disney Princess Rainbow Castle Cake! You will need: Strawberries (green off) Peaches or mangoes (cut into quarters, skin off) Kiwifruit/chinese gooseberry Popsicle Mould / mold Popsicle sticks A blender, chopper or food processor (use with adult supervision) Follow our Instagram: You might also like: CHILLI CHALLENGE! BLOOPER REEL 2: BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE: If you like this video please share it! :-) Don't forget to subscribe to our channel too, then you will see new recommended videos instead of seeing our channel trailer all the time. Facebook page: Mail: PO Box 148 Ormeau QLD, Australia, 4208 Music By Trent Kelly ©2012 all rights reserved

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Hey guys! This is a remake of a video I did last year but I hope you'll enjoy anyway! I may slowly remake a bunch of my old videos over this summer.
This is a tasty summer snack that is basically "chunky" popsicles! It's healthy too and I love them so you probably will too!
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