Review of GE Led Lightbulbs

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LED dimly lit, or glowing, even when switched off demo

The effect is caused by capacitive coupling radiating tiny amounts of energy through the floating neutral side of the domestic wiring. The neutral is floating because it is a "switched neutral" configuration which has the physical switch in the open/disconnected position. The LED is connected to an ordinary mechanical switch but still glows even when it's supposed to be switched off. There is no dimmer or any other electronic devices attached to the circuit. The circuit used in the video is a dual switched circuit configuration, which is commonly found in hallways and stairwells in the UK. Multiple switched lighting circuits tend to have much longer wiring runs between the switches, which can make this effect more pronounced. Changing the position of the switches can also change the effective length of the floating side of the circuit and consequently changes the intensity of the glow. As demonstrated in the video, you need both a susceptible bulb as well as the circuit in question must be wired in a particular way, ie switched neutral. Best practice wiring is usually considered as "switched live" so the fitting is neutralized when switched off. Useful to a help avoid careless fingers receiving a zap when changing bulbs. The strobing effect of the 8 watt Bonlux filament LED means I find these unsuitable for use in my home but it does serve to demonstrate this aberration. Affiliate link to non-dimmable MiniSun BC 8w LED featured in video : This video was created with the help of the YouTube Video Editor (

Why some LED bulbs glow or flash when turned off

I've noticed that a few LED bulbs continue to glow slightly, flicker or flash even though the power switch is off. This video explains why this happens.

Light Bulb Buying Guide The hardware store lighting aisle doesn't need to be overwhelming -- let us show you why.

Lighting Ever DayLight LED 60 Watt Bulb Review

These are some great money savers, I would suggest these to anyone who wants to beat the electrical companies high rates. They work great and are not expensive,but not the Cheapest bulbs either. 2nd Video in basement of how great these Lights work I switch to a New Bulb from Cree, it Energy Star rating and Better performance. *Links Cree A19 Daylight (5000K) Dimmable Light Bulb *DISCLAIMER: Prices mentioned in the video during Filming are not Current, Prices Are Subject to Change. This video description contains affiliate link or links, if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel, Thank you for the support!

Lighting: Soft Lighting vs Daylight Bulbs

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Overview of LED lightbulbs from GE, including how to choose brightness, color temperature, and power consumption, January 3, 2018.

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