How to Roll a Roulade Cake

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How To Roll a Roulade | Southern Living

Get more ideas and tips from our Test Kitchen: Deputy Food Director Whitney Wright demonstrates the best way to roll a roulade.

Tricks for Making the Perfect Holiday Jelly Roll Cake- Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

"A few helpful tricks from Thomas Joseph are all you need to make this crowd-pleasing Jelly Roll Cake recipe. It's the ultimate dessert for your next holiday dinner." Get the recipe: Subscribe for more easy and delicious recipes: --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more? Sign up to get the Everyday Food video recipe email, served daily. Get recipe emails: Want more Martha? Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Google Plus: Sarah Carey is the editor of Everyday Food magazine and her job is to come up with the best ways to make fast, delicious food at home. But she's also a mom to two hungry kids, so the question "What's for dinner?" is never far from her mind -- or theirs, it seems! Her days can get crazy busy (whose don't?), so these videos are all about her favorite fast, fresh meals -- and the tricks she uses to make it all SO much easier.

Vanilla Swiss Roll (香草瑞士蛋糕卷) **

【Recipe】 Have you made a Swiss roll before and it cracked when you rolled the cake? Guess what? It wasn't your fault. It was the recipe's fault. It wasn't how you rolled the cake. It was how you made the cake. Or rather, it was how the recipe told you to make the cake. It was the recipe's fault, really. So now you've found my Swiss roll recipe. If you follow it, you will succeed. Your cake will be fluffy and moist, and it'll roll beautifully. "Olde Timey" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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日式颶風巧克力蛋糕捲蛋糕卷燙麵戚風分蛋法 3/3 Japanese Hurricane Chocolate Cake Roll Swiss Roll Swissroll Super Moist!

茅寶村 颶風燙麵巧克力蛋糕捲 蛋糕卷共3集 Cake roll has 3 episodes: *Plain batter A milk 85g, vegetable oil 55g, cake flour 60g, yolk 4x *Cocoa batter B milk 85g, vegetable oil 65g , cocoa powder 25g , cake flour 55g, yolk 4x C meringue: large egg white 8x, sugar 120g heavy whipping cream filling heavy whipping cream 250g, sugar 25g, cocoa powder 15g, Cointreau half a cap full.

Fine Cooking's senior food editor Shelley Wiseman demonstrates how to roll a roulade without letting the cake crack. Get the recipe for the almond-raspberry jelly roll at

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