How to Roll a Roulade Cake

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How to make floral design Rollcake! | yunisweets Deco Roll

\♥ This is my first Youtube tutorial video ♥/ I hope you all can enjoy watching this! (✴︎p.s. the BGM will be repeated and this video is NOT SHORT because there're so many processes in between) How-to video of my original cake! Further information below ↓↓ 私が好きでよく作るケーキの作り方を、初めて動画に撮影してみました。沢山の人に楽しく作って頂けたら嬉しいです! Ingredients 1: 00:06 Ingredients 2: 05:31 Ingredients 3: 18:36 Follow my baking journey on: ► INSTAGRAM: Video Recording & Editing done by: ► INSTAGRAM: Icon made by [author link] from Music:

Yongki Gunawan - Cara Membuat Bolu Gulung Prunes Konings 2/2

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Swiss Roll

Facebook: Swiss Roll Ingredients: 6 medium size Egg Yolks 60 grams Milk 60 grams Oil 1/2 teaspoon Salt 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence 120 grams Plain Flour 6 medium size Egg Whites 1 teaspoon White Vineger 120 grams Fine Sugar Pan size: 37cm x 24cm 120°C for 20 minutes then 150 °C for 8 minutes

Swiss Roll (Creative ideas)

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city'super教你自製可愛蛋糕卷Adorable DIY Roll Cake Demonstration by city'super

情人節除左整朱古力之外, 蛋糕都會係一個好sweet sweet 嘅選擇~ 普通蛋糕你應該整得多啦, 不如試下整呢d款式咁Kawaii嘅蛋糕卷? 朋友/另一半生日時都會用得著ga!~ Free bored for making chocolate on this Valentine's? How about these adorable DIY roll cakes ? Try to make an unique roll cake for your unique one! (of coz you can share with your friends too :p)

Fine Cooking's senior food editor Shelley Wiseman demonstrates how to roll a roulade without letting the cake crack. Get the recipe for the almond-raspberry jelly roll at

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