Roblox Space Mining Tycoon: Blue Crystal Location!!

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How to get the battery Space Mining Tycoon

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Roblox Space Mining Tycoon: My Setup Walkthrough (V. 1.234)

Just me doing a quick description of my setup for this game. If you want to check the game out, LInk \/

How to sell 5 ores for 600000 |Space Mining Tycoon

Roblox Space Mining Tycoon - BEST BASE EVER

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Visiting EVERY Planet! / How to Unlock the Quarry! (Space Mining Tycoon) #2

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Hi guys, super quick video on Space Mining Tycoon and the quickest way to get to Blue Crystal! Now you'll notice you'll need the boltcutters first, which can be obtained on the third (toxic) planet on the ground in front of one of the buildings (you can also use the boltcutters on the same planet but that's another day). The blue crystal mines very slow if you don't have a good mining tool but it's still mine-able. They can also get stuck on elevated conveyors but they'll move eventually. Even with some very basic upgraders they should get you around $3K each! Hoped this help a little, thanks!
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