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Moto G6 Play Tips: Get started with these cool features

Our Moto G6 Play tips & tricks guide shows you how to get started with Motorola's budget 2018 smartphone. We show off the Moto G6 Play's best features, including face unlock, Moto gestures and camera tips. While the Moto G6 Play doesn't pack as many bonus features as the standard Moto G6 and G6 Plus, Motorola has still added some nifty tools. And while there's no face recognition, Android still offers its 'Trusted Faces' feature. Check out our unboxings and reviews of the new 2018 Moto G-series handsets!

The new Moto Mod for Moto Z is a portable printer created by Polaroid

Although some people have long since stopped trusting modular smartphones - at least as we know them today - Motorola is one of those brands that are still betting on their Moto Mods, the accessories responsible for enhancing the different capabilities of their smartphones Moto Z. The last launch carried out by the California company was a smart speaker based on Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, which unfortunately users on this side of the pond could not easily access. However, today the firm has released a new accessory, this time from the hand of a giant of photography as is Polaroid. With the new Moto Mod presented today by Motorola, the company wants to turn our smartphone into a portable printer, capable of printing the best snapshots captured with the camera of one of the members of the Moto Z line such as the Moto Z2 Force or Z2 Play, in just a few seconds. The operation of this accessory is very simple: just place it on the back of the terminal, click on the physical button that the module includes on one of its sides and capture a photo. In this way, it will be possible to print the capture from the phone. In addition, the accessory has support for third-party services, so it will be possible to print images imported from Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos. The accessory itself has a design that reminds us of the cameras of the Polaroid itself, with a white body and the six lines of signature colors. Its body is made of plastic, and requires the ZINK Zero-Ink Premium paper, marketed by the company behind this module, which allows you to capture the photographs without wasting a single drop of ink. At the moment there is no specific date for the launch of this interesting module for Moto Z. The company, however, has confirmed that it will be available globally in the coming months, starting in the United States exclusively with the operator Verizon. The starting price of the Insta-Share Printer will be 199 dollars.

Moto g6 play unboxing and hands-on review

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Moto G6 Review - Great Phone for $249

Lisa Gade reviews the Moto G6, which proves you don’t have to spend huge bucks to get a very good looking and competent Android smartphone. This is an unlocked phone with 4G LTE that works on both GSM and CDMA networks (that means Sprint and Verizon in addition to AT&T, T-Mobile and worldwide carriers). It has a 5.7” widescreen 2160 x 1080 IPS display, a glass back, dual rear cameras with Portrait mode (bokeh effect) and an 8MP front camera. It runs Android 8.0 Oreo on a 1.8GHz Snapdragon 8-core CPU with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage plus a microSD card slot. The phone lacks NFC and isn't IP rated for water resistance, but we don't expect waterproofing at this price.

Moto G6 series hands-on: G6, G6 Play, and G6 Plus in-depth!

Motorola has launched three new Moto G phones for 2018, and there's a lot to like. For more, visit Please subscribe so you see more videos like this one! And follow us on social media: Snapchat: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google+:

Learn how to change settings on the Moto G6 Play (XT19229). Learn more at:

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How to Change Settings on Your Moto G6 Play (XT19229) | AT&T Wireless

Settings Overview: Notifications & Quick Settings.
To access notifications, swipe down from the Notification Bar, notifications will be displayed.
To access Expanded Quick Settings, swipe down from the Notification Bar twice.
To edit the Quick Settings Menu, select the Edit icon.
Select-and-drag the desired Quick Settings icon to the desired location.
When finished, select the Back Arrow.
Swipe up to close.
Main Settings.
To access main settings, swipe down from the Notification Bar, then select the Settings icon.
You can also access from the Apps Tray.
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, then scroll to and select "Settings".
Main Settings allow you to adjust your device's features to meet your desired preference.
Here, you will find Adjustment features such as Notifications, Display, Apps, Software Updates, and more.
If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can search through Settings.
To search through Settings, select the Search icon at the top of the screen, enter your desired search, then select the most relevant results to view and edit the settings as desired.

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