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Mini UNICORN cake + Birthday Party with mini surprises. UNBOXING! :) Mini cooking, tiny cooking ASMR

#unicorn #unboxing #minicooking webshop: Hello Everyone, This is our new miniature unicorn cake video. :) I am Jennifer Melanie Ziemons, an Olympic gold medalist sugar and cake artist. This is our miniature fairy tale realm: JENNY'S MINIATURE COOKING SHOW. Miniature cooking and baking together! :) Come and join a miniature baking and miniature cooking WORLD where everything is what it looks like... only that it's miniature. :) Let's decorate miniature cakes!! For one, a UNICORN cake. :) Everything is built by us, including the kitchen itself and all tools. Preparation of the kitchen took 6 months. The oven, the cooking plates and the faucet is actually working. All food and cakes are real!!!!!!!!! Only a little smaller than usual. :) THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Don't forget to subscribe!!! :) New videos every week! Follow us on other sites:) Facebook: Instagram: webshop: Mail: Would you buy our products, tools? You can do here: webshop: Thank you! Jenny


LIFE-SAVING EVERYDAY TIPS Did you know that baking soda can whiten your teeth? Remember that you can whiten your teeth with the help of baking soda and toothpaste. Surprisingly, aluminum foil can be used not only for cooking. Here are some genius hacks that are useful, economical and cool! Clean your silver using foil ball. Boil a pan of water, add baking soda and put your jewelry inside. After that place foil ball inside. Voila! Wondering how to remove blood stains? Wi will show you how to wash off blood using baking soda. Embarrassing dark armpits are not a problem anymore after using baking soda. Mix baking soda and water, apply and then wash out. Pores are tiny openings in the skin that release oil and sweat. Pores on your face can get clogged with oil, dry skin cells, and everyday dirt if you do not wash your face properly. When the pores are clogged, it can result in blackheads and acne. Try one of the most effective techniques for unclogging your pores: apply baking soda mixed with water. Moreover, baking soda helps to clean coffee stains from your cups and clean cutting board. We prepared fast flat iron hacks like ironing like ironing ribbon and shirt collar. Find more ironing tricks in our video! Find out how to fix an unexpected hole in your favorite shirt. Just use no sewing trick – use hot flat iron and cover the hole with a small embroidered patch that is for sale in many fabric stores. There are a lot of tricks to use rubber bands in ways you never thought of. -place a rubber band on top of a paint can to remove the excess paint from the brush -to add an extra grid to open a jar -to use an eraser or bookmark Check out more life-changing lifehacks: how to make a multicolored marker, galaxy sneakers, how to clean toilet and tools using Cola, the ways to reuse Tic Tac box to store tiny things. TIMESTAMPS: 00:10 Cheap way to whiten teeth 03:53 No-sew hole fix 05:39 Plastic bags dispenser 06:28 Rubber band tricks 11:02 DIY Galaxy sneakers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Epidemic Sound: Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound:

7 DIY Superhero Food vs Real Food Challenge!

Subscribe Here: 6 DIY Amazing Unicorn Food vs Real Food Challenge!: What do you think superheroes do in their spare time? Of course, go to a pizzeria, or somewhere else to eat something delicious! So, watch in our new video what are superheroes eating! Supplies and tools: • Mashed potato • Egg • Food colorings • Flour • Parchment paper • Vegetable oil • Salt • Round food container • Printed Hulk Pringles label • Green paper • Double sided tape • Pizza crust • Olive oil • Cheese • Salami • Mozzarella • Tomatoes • Black burger bun • Black cheese • Chicken patty • Eel sauce • Red leaf lettuce • Skewer with Black Widow logo • Jar • Gummy candies • Felt • Printed Superman logo • Sugar • Honey • Cinnamon • Vanilla sugar • Baking soda • Butter • Citric acid • Powdered sugar • Ziploc bags • Clear bags • Ribbons • Latte cup • Hot glue gun • Black felt • Milk • Coffee • Batman logo stencil • Cocoa powder • Pumpkin • Gold edible pearl powder • Food glitter • Bananas • Raspberry • Greek yogurt • Blender • Bowl Watch More Troom Troom: Popular Videos: 14 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / Back To School Pranks: 18 Funny Pranks! Prank Wars! 11 DIY Edible Makeup Ideas/11 Funny Pranks: 17 Weird Ways To Sneak Makeup Into Class: Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge! Popular Playlists: Funny Pranks: Back to School: Life Hacks: Beauty And Makeup Hacks: Home Décor: Follow Troom Troom: Subscribe: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Troom Troom Español: Subscribe: Troom Troom Française: Subscribe: Troom Troom Russian: Subscribe: Troom Troom Deutsch: Subscribe: Troom Troom Chinese: Subscribe: Troom Troom Português: Subscribe: Troom Troom Japanese: Subscribe: About Troom Troom: Easy DIY "how to" video tutorials. DIY Accessories, Scrapbooking Cards, Home Décor, Make Up Tutorials, Life Hacks, and MUCH more! Make it easy! For any business enquires please contact me at: Question of the Day: what weird food ideas you’ve ever encountered? Comment Below! Don’t forget to turn on notifications, like, & subscribe!

MiniFood Oyakodon 食べれるミニチュア親子丼

Twitter 食べれるミニチュア今日は親子丼! We produce edible miniature dishes. All of the kichien we use, cooking ingredients, small articles are bought in Japan. As we don't use English,there will be the cases we can't answer the questions, if you give.Please forgive us. Be careful that we don't get the Facebook pages open. MiniatureShopAAA We provide miniature kitchen, and kitchen tools such as kitchen knife, the movies of miniature cooking are very popular on You tube now.



Mini dream cooking No 8 - MINI ONION SAMOSA

Prep Time- 1h
Cook Time- 2hrs
Film Time- 5hrs(12am to 5am)-(65 video takes)
Edit Time- 3hours

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